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Lithuania is in the northern and eastern hemisphere.

Russia is south of Lithuania. Latvia is north of Lithuania. Belarus is east of Lithuania. Poland is south west of Lithuania.

The capital city of Lithuania is Vilnius. It is 55° N, 25°E in Lithuania.

Physical Features

In the west of Lithuania there are rivers. River Nemunas/Neman is 914 km (568mi).Lithuania is in the temperate zone, because it is between the Tropic of Cancer and Arctic circle so it has hot seasons and cold seasons.

Climograph of Lithuania


Lithuania's population is 3.26 million people. The world rank for Lithuania is 140. It is also one of the last country's out of all counties.

Lithuanias population density is 135 people per square mile, which means it is around average, it's not to crowded but it's not like there's nobody is on the streets. The world rank is 45 out of all countries.

population density map

Lithuania's growth rate is negative because -0.429 isn't that well which means that the country isn't as wealthy as others. The fertility rate per woman is 1.59 births.

Lithuania's five largest cities are Vilnius, Vilnius the population is 542,664 people total. The 2nd one is Kaunas, Kauno their population is 292,677 people total. The 3rd city is Klaipea, Klaipedos population is 154,275 people. The 4th one is Siauiai's population is 102,983 people. Panevezys, Panvezhio's population is 98,598 people.

Lithuania is more urban because they don't have enough land to have farms or anything. They also don't have enough money to buy land. More people are leaving Lithuania because the jobs are really bad and the people don't make enough money to pay for their family.


Lithuania is a developing country. The GDP per capita is $22,600. This means they are poor and they are a developing country. Lithuania is considered a developing country because their GDP per capita doesn't reach the criteria of $30,000. Lithuania's life expectancy is 76 years old and not reaching the criteria of 78 years which makes it a developing country. Lithuania's literacy rate is 98% but the criteria literacy ate is 99% so that makes it a developing country.


The main languages spoken in Lithuania are Lithuanian 84.1%, Polish 6.6%, Russian 5.8%, Belarusian 1.2%, Other 1.1%. The main religions of Lithuania are Roman Caholic, Russian orthodox, Old believer, Evangelia Lutheran, Evangelical Reformist.

Some of the sports played in Lithuania are basketball, Football (soccer), Ice hockey, Baseball, Cricket, and handball.

Lithuania's men basketball team is the national basketball champions. They first stared playing in 1919. Lithuania men's national basketball team, but they also have a women's national basketball team.

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