Penn Mutual By Logan Storts


  • Founded in 1847 by John W. Hornor
  • Accumulated over $1 billion in assets by 1996
  • Was voted 8th best place to work in Pennsylvania in 2003
  • Eileen McDonnell was elected president in 2006 and was appointed CEO in 2011

About Penn Mutual

  • Was the seventh mutual life insurance company chartered in the United States
  • Creates solutions that deliver the complete value of life insurance across life's stages, complemented by annuities and investment products
  • Helps provide for the financial planning needs of its clients
  • They gather facts, analyze data, and design solutions in several key areas of planning

Current Events

  • Recently celebrated their 170 year anniversery
  • Donated $10,000 to doctor who saved child with cancer
  • New York Agency Named Among Top 125 Best Training Programs in the World

21st Century Financial

  • The localy owned Tampa agency associated with Penn Mutual
  • Their mission is "to provide our clients with a Macro-Economic modeling system designed to promote the efficient and effective use of money to assist them, and those that depend upon them, in the accumulation, distribution and preservation of wealth"
  • Specializes in estate planning, retirement strategies, and business advisory


  • Designed for you to work alongside our team of financial advisers who will provide you with extensive training, development programs, and mentorship
  • Lasts 10 weeks
  • Must have a GPA greater than 3.0 and have previous sales experience

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