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I love that we have real solutions for our reproductive health that are natural, health and that work.

I said good bye to birth control when I learned how to better track my cycle.

I gave up using toxic femm care products when I learned they were poisoning the most delicate part of my body.

Now I have a resource that takes care of BV, UTI, Endometriosis and many other women health concerns. I just know you are going to love what you are about to see here.

-Antonika Chanel L.Ac

Adrienne Irizarry has always been passionate about holistic health. Her interest started in college when she discovered food is medicine. She had been diagnosed with celiac disease and nearly had to take a medical withdrawal from school because she had become so ill unaware her college diet of “ramen and pasta” was literally killing her.

Adrienne graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Maine in Orono. She has a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and her work with nonprofits had been fulfilling, but she always felt like she had missed her calling as a healer.

Her personal passion in college had been research in Chinese Medicine. This love later became a specialty in Chinese Dietetics. Her love of Chinese Medicine continues grow and now includes expertise in cupping and vaginal steaming.

Adrienne’s journey with vaginal steaming began with her own unexplained secondary infertility. She knew her periods weren’t normal and they never had been. They were heavy, irregular, painful. Acupuncture had been a game changer in her quality of life, yet she was afraid this unhealthy cycle might be the reason she and her husband were struggling to have a baby of their own. Vaginal steaming corrected her cycle and for the first time in her adult life she has a pain free regular period.

She was so astounded by her personal journey with steaming and how quickly it worked – she wanted to share this incredible practice with other women!

Adrienne is a certified steam therapist through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute in California. She works with women – from menarche through post menopause – to understand and live in healthier balance with their cycles.

When we become attuned with the moon we flow harmoniously


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