Team,Move,Go! Reann Abbey

Do you have the Equipment?

Balls and Everywhere. Have you ever, played soccer before it is a fun sport and you need some equipment in order to play.You need cleats so you can run fast ,sneakers do not have little bumps on the bottom and cleats so you can run faster with cleats on.The cleats(You put them on your feet and you can run in them and they look nothing like sneakers.) help you run because they have little bumps on the bottom of your cleat You need a nice, clean grass , cut grass grass that you can run on. Also, you need a team shirt so you can tell what color you are so you do not pass the ball to the other team. In addition, you have to wear shin guards(They help you if someone kicks the ball at your ankle). Do not tackle(It is were you fall and someone fights you and you know bad things.) on the field while you are playing You should always have fun and enjoy the weather as you can.You need all the Equipment ,in order, to play soccer.

You can use these soccer balls for soccer.

Score! Winner!

Do you want to get a point and get the ball in the goal? When you win that means that you got a point each time you scored and when you score that counts to your team. Keep track of what your doing but keep track of what you are doing and keep running.

(get it) from the other team trying to get it in there.

Don't let someone take the ball, only your team (Like, for example, do not look away at somebody just concentrate on the ball as you are running.I mean if you are just like a goalie (Where you stand in the neat but not in the net so when it comes you kick it out.), then you might have a chance to say ¨HI¨ but if the ball is coming then get ready.Now next, time you can try to get a point if you did not make one.

Teamwork you: You need a partner to pass the ball and and the will make the goal when you pass but,watch out if you pass the ball to the wrong team they will go score in their net.

teamwork and putting the ball in the neat.

Also, pass the ball to your teammates so everyone can get a turn to possibly get the ball in the net.Another reason, is there is this line and if you go pass the line then that is a foul (It is where you cross or kick the ball of the field line with the ball.) , but if you pass to a partner then you will not get a foul. Also, you need to take turns like when you go out on the field or you take a break on the field near the soccer balls and you watch your team get a point or watch them kick the ball to a teammate.Teamwork will always help you if you need it just try your best and never give up!!

having a soccer game and enjoying what there playing.


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