Christmas 2020: Humanitarian Donation FUNDACIÓN ABBA COLOMBIA

Christmas 2020 donation. Beneficiary population: Vulnerable people affected by covid19 and winter wave in Colombia. Date: December 2020. Special thanks: Colombian national companies

On 15th November 2020, Fundación Abba Colombia received a huge donation from Productora Ermita SAS and surti-fruver - Colombian companies.

This donation was entirely allocated to the vulnerable population affected by the COVID19 and elderly people affected by the winter wave in the country. We are grateful for the enormous generosity of Colombian companies that have joined the humanitarian work that Fundación Abba Colombia is currently carrying out in the country.

This donation was distributed by the humanitarian team and volunteers of Fundación Abba Colombia in food kits and destined to several communities where the organization currently has humanitarian and social projects.

The main department that benefited was Cundinamarca, where this donation reached Colombian families, including children and adolescents, women, men, elderly people and people with disabilities who have been in a state of vulnerability due to the covid19 and winter wave that is currently occurring in the country. Our enormous gratitude to Productora de Alimentos Ermita SAS and surti-fruver, who thanks to them Abba Colombia received this donation, in the same way we thank other Colombian companies that have donated winter implements for the elderly

Photos description: Distribution of donations in Sutatausa-Cundinamarca


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