Speaker Training Guide for Webcasting INXPO

So you've never presented to a virtual audience before? Don't sweat it. We'll help you prepare and share our best practices to get you presenting like a professional. From getting over your nerves to crafting great stories around your content INXPO will be there every step of the way.

Planning & Preparation

"But the camera makes me feel...(insert negative word here)"

Whether you are self conscious about the sound of your voice, worried about making a mistake or fearful of public speaking in general - put everything into perspective to get past the negative thoughts! The key to feeling comfortable speaking on camera is preparedness. With a little bit of planning and practice, your nervousness will be yesterday's news. Get comfortable with the technology and craft an exit strategy in case things go awry.

  • Give yourself a pep talk
  • Practice, practice, and practice some more
  • Get comfortable with the technology
  • Put things into perspective, presenting is not the end of the world
  • Rely too heavily on slides
  • Panic if you make a mistake, just keep going
  • Feel like you have to 'go it alone', present with a buddy to calm nerves
  • Neglect the virtual audience
  • Forget to breathe

Get comfortable with the technology

From simple to high tech, there is the right webcam for everyone and every situation. The video below explains and reviews our favorite webcams.

Content Inspiration

What about?

Content is among you! Transform existing content into an engaging experience for your audience! For example, one pagers, press releases and newsletters can all be made more engaging and compelling through video presentations.

Some ideas...

  • Ask the experts / Fireside chats
  • Panel Discussion / Roundtables
  • 5 minute 'Tips and Tricks' / How to
  • Weekly team updates
  • Identify future webcast topics from past Q&A or surveys
  • Repurpose existing content (white paper, blog, eBook...)
Hosting a Panel Discussion or Round Table

Orchestration is key

  • Plan topics/questions ahead of time
  • Location is important

Utilize a moderator

  • Don't let the presentation turn into a free for all
  • Moderators can keep an eye on timing/flow

Consider your speakers

  • Gather an array of personalities
  • Brief speakers on topic ahead of time
  • Rehearse, but don't over do it

Our programs

At INXPO, some of our most popular programs reside in our Social channel, where we upload fun challenges and videos from around the office. Everyone gets a kick out of it and becomes comfortable using the platform. We also have a channel for each department stocked with information about our products, new hires, Leadership updates and more - keeping everyone connected and in the habit of creating content!

Mastering Authenticity

How to avoid being made of wood

Embrace andĀ understand theĀ nature of LIVE

  • Do not strive for perfection
  • 'Keep it real' to better connect
  • Avoid reading to your audience

No one wants to watch a robot. The purpose of video is to build a personal connection with your audience. Use this to your advantage and look at the way you present as your personal brand. Reading slides verbatim or using a teleprompter for an hour presentation doesn't give any room for your personality to shine through.

Confidence is key

Knowing your material is only half of the picture

  • When you look good, you feel good
  • Create "Zen-like" surroundings
  • Rehearse and seek feedback from peers

Be yourself. Wear something you are comfortable in and feel good about. Having a glass of water nearby, closing yourself off from distractions and making sure the temperature of the room is comfortable are all little things that will take away nerves. Most importantly, having a few solid rehearsals under your belt will take the heat off of live day and give you the ultimate confidence.

Presenting with another person

  • Determine who will be adding sources into the scene before going live
  • Rehearse your content and introductions to avoid talking over one another
  • Create clear talking points and designate who is saying what
  • Discuss how transitions will be handled
  • Maintain eye contact with your webcam whenever possible
Remember even when you are not speaking, you are still visible on camera.

Composition 101

Mastering the basics

Avoiding these three common mistakes can up the ante of your whole presentation

Watch out for closed off body language and avoiding eye contact with webcam
Leaving far too much head room
Poor lighting

Don't have a fancy studio? By making minor adjustments, you can up the production value of your webcam presentations. The video below walks you through how to make these easy fixes.

Location, location, location!

In-studio broadcasts are the most controlled environment, but can easily be replicated in your office or home office.

  • Quiet room
  • No distractions
  • Silence alerts
  • Hardwired internet connection
  • Are you comfortable?

Dress for success

What looks good in your bedroom mirror, doesn't always translate on camera. To look your best leave the statement patterns at home, lime green is a 'no, no', and avoid stripes. Soft, low contrast colors are the best.

Time to Engage

Expand the conversation, live or on-demand
At INXPO, we believe an engaged audience should be touching the keyboard every 2-3 minutes to reignite focus and retention levels.

Wait a minute, how can on-demand presentations be engaging?

  • Treat all presentations as if they are LIVE
  • Include a Q&A widget
  • Ask polling questions
  • Know when to use panel commands to reengage viewers
  • Utilize the buddy system when presenting
  • Create a program cadence
  • Don't forget to follow up and keep the conversation alive!
Your engagement tool belt
  • Survey
  • Polling (questions/testing)
  • Share (email, social)
  • Handouts
  • Panel commands
  • Q&A
  • Chat
  • Screen share
  • Links
  • Custom CTA's

You are now a webcast speaker superstar!

To learn more about INXPO's EaaS (Events as a Service) offerings or how our Executive Producer, Emma Meyer, can give your team a personalized speaker training, click below or email contactsales@inxpo.com.

At INXPO, we believe that successful events require both the technology and services to deliver an end-to-end event experience. Whether you need full service support, consulting services along the way, or a self-service option we will tailor our service offerings to your organization's needs.

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