The Battle of Guilford Courthouse By iZak

Battle of Guilford Courthouse

  • The Battle of Guilford Courthouse was a military conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in North America during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783)
  • The battlefield in which thqe British and American Forces fought during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse was located in Guilford Courthouse, North Carolina. The Battle of Guilford Courthouse ended in victory for the British.
  • the Battle of Guilford Courthouse took place on Thursday, March 15, 1781


On January 17, 1781 both General Daniel Morgan and General Nathanael Greene retreated to Virginia. Out of desperation Genral Cornwalis attempted to capture the Americans, but Nathanael Greene and Daniel Morgan joined forces and marched diagonally across North Carolina. Cornwallis followed so closely that frequently the two armies appeared to be marching together.However when Nathanael Greene reached the river Dan the marching came to a halt. Greene ordered all of the boats on the river Dan to be collected at one spot. As the Greene's group crossed the river the Americans set up at a very strong postion near the Guilford Court house, hence the name Battle of Guilford Court House. Cornwallis attacked the Americans who defended gallantly before Nathanael Greene ordered a retreat. The British, under the command of Lord Cornwallis, won the Battle of Guilford Courthouse but their loss was so great that another victory of the same kind would have destroyed the British army.

The Significance of the conflict

The significance of the conflict was that the British sustained heavy casualties and Cornwallis abandoned the Carolinas and marched for Virginia.

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