Florida Museum of Natural History visit By JAred grigas

Nature On Display: I, admittedly, walked into the Florida Museum of Natural History with pretty low expectations; after all, how interesting can a few butterflies really be. As it turns out, they're pretty magnificent when you're enveloped by a rainbow of thousands of various butterflies. It got to the point where I was so fully immersed in the experience that my friend and I were just sitting entirely still and competing for who could attract the most butterflies to their body (I won).
Nature and Ethics: Being in an environment such as this, where one can just fully immerse themselves in nature, you realize how fragile it can be. While most of the butterflies seemed content to fly about exploring their simulated rainforest, several unforunate residents were seen trampled or crushed due to simple human error. While many might not see the value in the lives of a couple measly butterflies, these trampled martyrs represent a microcosm of humanity's footprint on the earth: we are the apex predator in virtually every food chain, and have shown our propensity to wreak havoc on the environment when we forget that we are NOT its only inhabitants. Aldo Leopold urged humanity to regard ourselves as members of a larger biotic community, and after connecting with nature on such an intimate and fascinating level, it is hard to disagree with him.
Nature and the human spirit: For many, nature represents an escape from the harsh realities that accompany humanity and all our vices. When seeing countless butterflies just flying at their carefree cadence, with no duties or crippling deadlines to make, it practically makes one yearn to be a part of this natural community, free from society's burdens. In doing so, perhaps we can obtain a little more empathy as it relates to the increasingly fleeting majesty of the natural world.

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