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This website will evaluate weather Brazil is the right country to be holding a large cultural festival. It will consider several different factors to see if a festival can attract both domestic and international tourists. It will also reflect weather it will lead to more of the country being explored by new tourists and weather this will have a significant effect of Brazil’s tourism. Mobility’s have had an impact on brazil because as Urry thought all people are on the move these days (Urry., 2007, 3) this has led to more people travelling to new and different destinations. Urry also talks about the fact the world has seemed to have shrunk due to fact we can now travel further and fester then every before, this gives us the impression that the world has become smaller. Due to this fact more people travel each year, for example UK residents made 4.0% more trips abroad in 2014, this led to them make 60.1 million trips (office for national statistic, 2014)

Three distinctive characteristics

Events are a characteristic of Brazil and when people think of Brazil they will often think of the even that are held thought out the year. Brazil holds a number of different events from sporting to cultural. These will appeal to both domestic and international tourist. These events that are held will also allow Brazil to show off all the country has to offer and enhance their image in a portative way.

Brail has many different races and culture which is why it can appeal to lots of different people from all over the world. Over their history they have has much impact from 3 main cultures such as Portuguese, African and Amerindian theses have led to Brazil having a very mixed culture. They have also has many different country come and settle in Brazil since the 19th Century from all over the world. These included Italy, Germany and America. (Boniface et al., 2012a, 546).

The climate is another characteristic that Brazil has; they have a climate that does not change that much thought out the year which makes it a really good country for tourist to visit all year round. As shown on the map it shows when best times of year to go to certain place within Brazil. Some are ok to go all year while other part has better times to visit. They also have different season to some countries for example the UK which means their summer is our winter. This can be another positive for people looking for winter sun. (lonely planet, 2016a)

Figure 1 shows are map of the seasons (lonely planet, 2016)

Key features of domestic travel

Domestic tourism has begun to rise within middle-class populations with 86 million trips been taking in 2010(Boniface et al., 2012b, 547). Most staying in different places then international tourist. The growth may be down to the annual 20 day paid holiday. (Boniface et al., 2012c, 547). 94% (WWCT, 2016a), tourism spending within Brazil comes from domestic tourism. Most domestic trips will be done by car due to low income but with airlines becoming more competitive prices may start to fall. This means air travel will start to appeal to more domestic tourists. Most tourists are likely to go on a beach holiday than a cultural one for example the Amazon; this is due to their beach body culture. Popular television shows such as soap operas helps to increase beach tourism for domestic tourists (Boniface et al.,2012c, 547)

The main characteristics of international tourist

There has been a steady increase of international tourist from 5,813 million in 2013 to 6,430 million in 2014; this surge could have been because of the 2014 World Cup. Brazil offers a large business travel sector with São Paulo, Rio De Jeneiro and Brasilia being recognised as some of largest business travel city in the world (Boniface et al.,2012a, 547). As the increase in business travel can be an advantage because it allows more people to visit thought work who may want to return for leisure if they enjoy what the county offers. The top country that visits Brazil are the following: Argentina United States, Uruguay, Germany and Italy(The Brazil business, 2013)

Figure 2 international tourism arrival from 2010 to 2015 (UNWTO, 2016, 10).


Brazil transport links are poor due to the vastness of the country and road travel becomes hard in wet season. There are 9 international airports with many airfield around the country, this makes remote parts accessible (Boniface et al., 2012, 548a). Most tourists will get around by boat, bus and plane. Boat and bus are long but more cost effective then flying (lonely planet, 2016). Airlines are getting more competitive which means they are having to lower their prices, this mean they are becoming more affordable to domestic tourists and low budget travellers. In 2008 brazil airlines carried 58.76 million passage both domestic and international (National Masters, 2008) due to the issue of transport this can have a negative effect on the country as it could people off going to part which are not easily accessible.

Resources in Brazil

Iguaçu National Park

Iguaçu National Park, this park hold one the biggest waterfalls in the world which covers 2,700M, it is also home to a number of rare plants and animals because of this the UNESCO help to preserve the site from damage (UNESCO, 2016a) This will be a big attraction for Brazil as this is one of the only places in the world to see a waterfall of that size.

Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach, this is one of the main beaches in Rio, it sits alongside of coastline of 2.2 miles. It is one of the most popular beaches because of it number of bars and sporting activities from volley ball to football. As it is such a large beach it will cater for locals, domestic and international tourists. This will mean the beach will be full of different cultures, the beach is known for having a very busy atmosphere. (, 2016)

The Amazon

The Amazon is a river and rain forest that goes though South America. It holds 20% of the world’s fresh water and runs for 5 million kilometres. Over the years is have been abused and now Brazil are working hard to make sure that is doesn’t happen again for example they know longer let cattle graze, mining or building new roads. This is all to try to protect the area. (Boniface et al., 2012, 548b). There are a number of different areas that the Amazon have here are some of them:

◊ Mamiraua Reserve

◊ Presidente Figueirdo

◊ Belem (lonely Planet, 2016b)


Olinda is a historical town which has had a big part in the history of Brazil, from being taking over by the Portuguese in the 16th century to having strong links with the sugar cane industry (UNESCO, 2016b). Today the town has lots of art and music this makes it very appealing to tourist wanting to understand more of Brazil culture (lonely Planet, 2016c).


Rio de Janeiro, is one of their main and most well know cities. It offer a wide range of culture and actives to do, day and night. City offers beaches, museums and stadiums.(lonely planet, 2016) Rio is also home to some big events such as the Rio carnivals, Olympics and the World cup.

Christ the Redeemer

Christ the Redeemer is a statue that stands 750 m over the city, this is main attraction to Rio, as it looks over the city as well as the coast. You can get there by train that goes up the mountain. Christ the Redeemer is lit up at night which means that he can be seen at all parts of the day (lonely Planet, 2016)

Three key events

• Olympics games will have a big part on tourism in 2016, with a predict 8.2% increase. This would be due magnitude that this event holds around the world (WTTC. 2016b). After the Olympics have happened they will try to keep a legacy of it to carry on bring tourism into the area. (rio2016, 2016)

• World Cup was another mega event that Brazil has held; with 3,429,873 people attending (Fifa. 2014) it also attracted people from all over the world as 203 countries attended the event. A large event such as the World Cup allows Brazil to really define their image to the rest of the world due to how many people attend it (Atchison, 2015)

• São Paulo Gay Pride, where 2. 5 million people came to celebrate diversity within the country. They hold different events from debates, plays and concerts (Moss.2015a)

Rio Carnival case study

Rio carnival has around two million tourists coming to the event each year (Moss. 2015b). The carnival celebrates Portuguese immigrants coming in 18th centenary (Matt, 2014b). The party last three days throughout Brazil but takes centre stage within Rio de Janeiro. With expectation to get around 9,000 tourists to come to the festival just within Rio, lots of businesses relay on tourism for example hotels to boost business. Most hotels within Rio during the time of the carnival will be 85 to 90% occupancy (Atchison, 2015). The carnival should make the city £570 million over the course of the event a third of which will come from tourism (Withnall, 2014). They will host street parties and parades according to Minister of Tourism; he says that “Carnival is one of the events that shape the tourist identity of Brazil. It is an extremely strategic party because it places us in an outstanding position in the world, not only as organizers of major events, but mainly by the enchantment of a legitimate celebration of Brazilian culture.” (Travel Times, Vinicius Lages, 2015,). As said in that quote, Brazil will use the event to build on their image as the country known for hosting large carnivals.

strengths and weaknesses of tourism or events in the country

There are several events that take place in Brazil which suits both domestic and international tourist. Another strength is they have a well-defined image due to the mega and large event that are held (Boniface et al.,2012a, 546) There Is also several different cultures within brazil which makes it good destination from most tourist.

Crime is a risk within cites, especially during events (gov. 2016). Lack of charter and high cost flights limit tourist to upper class and adventurous traveller (Boniface et al.,2012b, 546.). Lots of low standards hotels can also put of tourist. Another negative that the Amazon will be effect by tourism and can damage it, this will have to be monitor to make sure it does not long term effect it because of the rate of tourism in the area (The Christian Science Monitor, 1989)

Opportunity and conclusion

They have an opportunity to grow their tourism by hold more mega event in the future and by growing on there already well define image. By doing this more people will start to see Brazil as safe country to go for both leisure and business. They could also promote more of their natural resource as they have many natural resource that tourist may not be aware of because brazil tent to promote more of the events and cultural resources.

In conclusion Brazil would be a good place to hold a culture festival for both international and domestic tourists. As they have already held many mega and large events, they are used to lot of tourism coming into city for a short period of time. To make sure that tourist then go to explore more of Brazil having better transport links to other parts of Brazil will need to be improved. Also Brazil does have high risks of crime when large event take place so another thing to consider is to try to keep the crime rate as low as possible thought out the event. If Brazil is able to make these changes then Brazil is a good place to hold a festival.


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