Good Life Preformance By ludovico boscaino

The spatial experience- Before entering the theater i was very excited as I've never been to a play before no ever stepped foot in a theater. As soon as i walked in i was amazed at the scenery, when i sat down it felt like i was part of the play and after the lights dimmed my focus turned to the stage. The size auditoriam was a good size so every one was able to sit up close and really focus in to the play. the role of place in the good life is the environment your in and what you're surrounded with.

The Social Experience- I attended the performance with my friend Viktor who had also not seen a play before and was just excited as me. To get ready for the performance we did some research of the play to understand a little about what it was, so when we went in we would understand it better. having him there was nice because we both talked about the play and made our comments about it. The role of shared experiences in the good life is having great moments with your loved ones and friends and making experiences with people that make the experience more enjoyable.

The cultural and intellectual Experience- The play made me realize how bad it was for under age children to work. i have done research and learned some of this in my past before. watching the play i understand more about the issue we had in the early 1900's. Through out the first act i learned that Sarah Bernhardt had her performance shut down by the catholic church. I also learned from the play that Talbot was molested by a priest when he was young. These were some of the problems that i learned from the play.

The Emotional Experience- The divine play shows us how it actually used to be back then in the early 19th century. this play was an example of Katharsis because it ended with justice served. when the police got involved with the issue they resolved the conflict and the theater continued the play and eventually became sold out.

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