Mr Bumble - the Bongo Mazda Bongo comes back to life

from top left: Bumble in full camping mode; top right: our first trip; bottom left: the Bongo boot; finally bottom right: inside the awning and into Bumble's cabin area.


  • Bought June 10th 2017
  • Specification: 2.5 litre turbo diesel, All Wheel Drive, automatic
  • Issues - several, some would be a gamble; AFT didn't lift, fridge not working, rust!
  • Came with lots of goodies; alloys, sink, double burner and spare parts
left - major rust problem on rear arches required replacement || right - front arches were repairable

Job List 1

  • Replace rear arches
  • Fix Auto Free Top
  • Remove rust
  • T-Cut plastic roof paintwork
  • Identify fridge problem
  • Remove all side graphics
  • Fit coolant alarm
  • Carpet living area
  • Solve water pump problem
  • Repair tent rip
Half graphics removed, AFT motor installed and working
Sink water pump working well; stove double burner performing too.

Job List 1 Answers

  • Two new arches welded into place, also Hook-up socket area strengthened
  • One AFT motor replaced, all rails greased, all tent mounts secured & pinned
  • Sill rust, door rust, rear chassis rust and engine bay rust - all rejuvenated
  • Half a tin of T-Cut used to triple polish the the plastic roof
  • New thermostat fitted
  • Using a 'toffee wheel' (thanks Colin) rubbed off old vinyl side graphics
  • Coolant alarm fitted in engine bay and on dashboard
  • Floor area vinyl repaired, carpet tiles fitted, bed rollers oiled
  • Water tank cleaned and made airtight
  • Tent fixed with vinyl repair kit; corners secured
Misty morning on the west coast of Scotland

Job List 2

  • More Cabin lights required - got some 24v LEDs, added a 24-12v regulator, wired four Ikea lights with switch
  • Fitted an ex-display Sony head unit and BMW analogue clock to dashboard
  • Installed two 2nd hand Front Fog/Driving lights with new relay and wiring
  • Removed Japanese GPS module and other surplus wiring
  • Recovered back wardrobe side panel with 'Fablon' (sticky vinyl paper)
  • Fitted mid-cabin curtain rail and curtain (from Van-X)
  • Fitted new table rail (from Evo Designs)
  • Fitted proper Lucas leisure battery (100AH), new battery tray & bracket
  • Fitted fire extinguisher
  • Fitted carbon monoxide detector
  • Fitted 2nd hand SEAT Ibiza rear LED brake light into spoiler
  • Fitted a dashboard mounted LED display to monitor leisure battery
  • Fitted a CTEK battery charger cable for trickle charging main battery
  • New vent cut to aid ventilation to fridge
left to right: 2nd hand fog lights; new head unit, BMW clock & leisure battery digital meter; three switches - fogs, leisure battery & fuel gauge; bottom - new protective strip on bumper
clockwise: new curtains & rail; version 1 of custom tray; Ikea LED lights on custom track with hooks and buckets; new table rail
clockwise: used carpet tiles, sticky-back plastic repair & new leisure battery

Job List 3

  • Two shelves fitted inside locker
  • Added sensor lights into three cupboards
  • Removed table plate from floor, filled-in hole
  • New tiles laid
  • Second set of LEDs fitted on nearside sitting area
  • Front cabin lights fitted for driver & passenger seats
  • Painted front grill
  • Protective bumper strip
  • Custom Plate & Mug box

Shock Discovery before a trip

Woke up to find HUGE crack in the windscreen. Replaced with insurance cover

Custom Project

Custom Plate & Mug box - made from plywood, screwed & glued together. Now sits on worktop ready to use.

Protective Rubber Guard on rear bumper

Used thick card to create the perfect template, then cut and heat gunned onto bumper

The best thing since sliced bread - rotating seat!

What a difference this makes to life in the van.

Job List 4

  • Fitted six way fusebox under glovebox
  • Wired - Radio, Blinds, 12v & Lights to fusebox
  • Rewired Coolant alarm to Ignition switch
  • New Flexi Wipers fitted - better clearance
  • Poor Radio reception solved with new Aerial booster
  • Added duel USB sockets & 12v inlet to front passenger well
  • Added single USB socket to rear bench side
  • Fitted door protector strips to all three doors (heat gun secure)
  • Removed old AFT graphics and replaced with new versions
  • Covered up table pole hole and recarpeted floor
  • Fitted security hooks for Child seat (non ISOFix)

Tour History

  • South Queensferry
  • Aberlady
  • Carrinton
  • St Cyrus
  • Wooler
  • Seahouses & Bamburgh
  • Achadunan, near Arrochar
  • Town Yetholm & Kirk Yetholm
  • Gladstone Resevoir
  • Bamburgh Castle & Seahouses
  • Pathhead & Fala Dam
  • Oban & the Isle of Mull (on bicycle)
  • North Yorkshire
  • North Berwick coast
  • St Monan's to Anstruther
Top left: at the English border in Kirk Yetholm; Top right: Wooller camping site; Bottom left: St Cyrus on the Fife coast; Bottom right: our first meal in the Bumble

Things to do

  • prepare for NC500
  • fit GPS Tracker
  • replace Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • improve headlights for winter


The very happy owners (investors) Roman & Roseanne


If your need some help with your Bongo, just get in touch.


Parts sites and Info pages

Bumble settled in for the night. It takes about 30 minutes to park, unpack awning and get sorted.

New and improved hook-up point

Custom made tray - yep, you guessed it - covered in sticky-back plastic. This tray is version no.1

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Bikes loaded to go
8am on Easter sunday
Roseview C&C - oban

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