CeCe Teneal Proposal by leon Orange

Per our conversation over the phone I gathered that you would like assistance with online marketing for your new single and upcoming project. If you were to hire me as your social media manager I would implement the following strategies.

Who is CeCe Teneal?

There are many people that know you as a performer and entertainer! But people don't buy into brands as much as we buy into "people"! With your help I would like to create social media posts regarding your humble beginning, musical influences, what was the first song you sung in public, what did your parents think about you pursuing music type questions to get your followers familiar with you. From time to time I will send you a list of questions and match your responses with a corresponding image. My goal is to give people someone they can relate too.

Music Marketing

I ran an open mic for 3 years every Tuesday and it never failed that each week someone asked me what the address was? What was the cover charge? All things that were listed on my website. What I learned from this is that i could never take for granted that everyone knows all the information simply because I have it listed on my website.Your followers need to be constantly reminded that they can find your music on Spotify, iTunes, etc. I would create separate social media graphics highlighting each channel they can find your music on multiple times a day!

Event Marketing

Gone are the days of having to track down a graphic designer to design your event flyers because you now have one. I will keep your events relevant in peoples news feed and consistent on their timelines. I will use local hashtags relevant to each event to promote your events.

Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes a simple morning motivation can make a person feel connected. With inspirational quotes I will use photoshoots and create designs around motivational quotes. They can be some that you provide, your lyrics, or I can go on the net and find my own. I will ensure it is enlivenment with your brand.

These are just a few marketing strategies I plan on implementing. There are new and innovative ways to market a brand each day. Hiring me as your social media manager you will be able to ensure that you have someone who has their finger on the pulse.

The way our relationship will go will be via email you will provide be areas in which you want me to promote on a weekly basis and I will cover those areas I will post 3 times a day for 5 days out the week at different times to ensure we are getting maximum engagement. I will need the username and password to your Instagram, Twitter and to be made an Admin on your Facebook page. Services include Facebook (business page), Twitter, and Instagram.

We spoke about 3 different payment options however I can only offer one which includes social media management for one month which includes coming to take pictures at either at an event or doing a photoshoot and one promo video. All content to be used on Social Media. The fee will be $300 for the entire month.

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