Puppy Love By jessica Christian

At any given time, there are millions of homeless dogs living in shelters all across the United Sated. Without anyone to love them, they are neglected and forgotten. Families that are looking to adopt a dog should adopt through a shelter. In doing so, the homeless dog population would go down dramatically. Shelter adoption comes with a lot of benefits.
Many people have the assumption that dogs that come from shelters will have many behavioral issues. While this is possible, the owners have many options on adjusting the dog to the new environment and having control over the behavior. When the dogs are treated poorly, they often respond with poor behavior. The dogs desperately want love and affection more than anything.

Homeless dogs are not always abandoned by previous owners. Some of the dogs have been living on the streets where puppy birth rates are not controlled at all. Making sure dogs are spay or neutered is very important in reducing the number of unwanted dogs. Shelters do not have the necessary space and resources required to take care of all of the unwanted dogs. They are often forced to euthanize a large number of the dogs that come into the shelter.

The benefits to shelter adoption go far beyond just rescuing a homeless dog. Shelter adoption is extremely affordable and helps take away business from illegal and inhumane puppy mills. Dogs are often overbred which often leads to an even larger number of unwanted dogs. Just like any other dog, shelter dogs bring so much joy and love to families. They deserve love and affection.


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