The Tiger Rising by jennifer

The Tiger Rising is a story about two kids named Rob and Sistine. Rob and Sistine try to let a tiger free. They meet other people on their way.

Rob finds a Tiger locked in a cage in the woods. He heads back to the motel where he lives with his father. The motel is called The Kentucky Star. That night Rob and his father have macaroni for dinner.

The next morning Rob takes the school bus and stops at a random destination and meets Sistine who becomes his friend. Once they get to school she calls everybody "dumb". Rob defends Sistine and no one likes him either. After school Rob and Sistine take the school bus to Robs motel.

When Rob and Sistine get to the motel Rob tells Sistine about the Tiger in the cage. Sistine forces Rob to see the Tiger and wants him to let the Tiger go free. Rob does not agree but Sistine has a tantrum and Rob pulls out the keys to let the Tiger go.

Rob opens the cage and the Tiger runs free. Rob and Sistine watch as the Tiger runs free. Suddenly they hear a gun shot and they find the Tiger dead in the grass. Rob's father shot the Tiger. Rob is very angry at his father and kicks and punches him. After that they make a grave for the tiger and Rob gives Sistine the tiger that he carved. Rob and Sistine were still sad about the tiger but they still stayed friends.

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