Alamosa River Poisoning Logan and Max

Cyanide and heavy metals were spilled into the Alamosa River's tributaries, then poisoned the river
A gold mining site, spilled cyanide and acidic water into the river killing almost all life for 17miles while not injuring any human, it severely damaged the ecosystem for many years harming many species.
''The rocks were red and the river had some greenish tinge to it,'' Mr. Rodriguez said in a telephone interview last week. ''The fish were all belly up. Rainbow trout and German browns -- all dead. It was sickening.''
Hundreds of migrating birds have been poisoned because of landing in mine pit lakes.
get rid of mine sights near water sources. regulate the amount of people that are on the river at one time. Make sure people are not bringing in a lot of trash and other stuff that could get put in the lake.

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