Stages of Artistic Development: My Personal Arts Timeline By Reema basha

My name is Reema Basha, and I am in my first year at the University of Florida Arts in Medicine Program. Over the last 25 years, I have been consistently passionate about art, specifically the visual arts. Out of our coursework, I decided to relate my artistic developments with Piaget’s theory because my painting techniques did mirror his stages of cognitive development in most people. However, not all of my artwork reflects a particular stage as I have only reproduced what I can recall and is thus an impression of what I used to create as a child.

Although my artwork may mirror the Piaget’s stages of human development, I do believe that my artwork was consistently ebb and flowing with technique and style as well. For example, there were numerous times that I painted better portraits when I was in primary school than when I was in middle school because of the time I had to practice in my earlier years. Therefore, the stages give a good impression about my artwork, but do not classify my own cognitive development.

The following links introduce each stage that I have been through so far. I have also posted a picture below that represents my “growing tree” which was made from old photographs, and acrylic paints. This “growing tree” is my timeline which begins at the base. (early childhood CP 1 &2) (adolescence/young adulthood) (Middle Adulthood/Late Adulthood) CP 5/6

Winner, E. (2006). Development in the arts: Drawing and music. Retrieved from file:///C:/Users/Reema%20Basha/Downloads/

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