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Donald Trump made his opinion on the health care policy very known multiple times through various media platforms and conferences. Beings his opinionated self, his thoughts in the matter are made fairly clear to the world let alone country.


The replacement plan will most likely use a few of the same sources of revenue, like reduced spending on private Medicare plans. Some Republicans argue that the repeal bill should leave the rest of the law's taxes in place too, in order to give them more flexibility on funding its replacement. Their plan is to also include popular Obamacare features for instance allowing young adults to stay on their parents' plans until age 26.

What do Trumps' cabinet nominees have to say on the healthcare policies?

First, what are common healthcare jobs ?

  1. Ambulatory care center manager
  2. Assistant administrator
  3. Clinical director/manager
  4. Director of nursing
  5. Facility manager
  6. Health and social service manager
  7. Health care consultant
  8. Health care financial manager
  9. Hospital administrator
  10. Insurance specialist
  11. Managed care manager
  12. Medical device/pharmaceutical sales representative
  13. Medical records coordinator
  14. Medical records manager
  15. Nurse manager

How will "repeal and replace " effect these healthcare jobs?

In my opinion, the certain job itself will primarily stay the same, but the administration as individuals will likely change, based on their mentality and if they were in compliance with trumps new healthcare laws.

WhaT else do i thInk will change with donald's new plaN?

I think more people will not get the healthcare that they need. Most families and people in America relied on "Obamacare " . With Trump, as president they will not get the same opportunities to better everything health, than those who pay more to stay healthy and safe.

How will this effect me in the future ?

This could effect me multiple ways. For instance, when I'm older I'd like to take up a careeer in the medical field. If less people have health care and are not likely to afford medical attention than hospitals won't be as full, this could potentially have a negative affect on my salary. In addition, if I end up needing something like the current healthcare to keep my family safe, happy, and healthy , what could be the alternative? If any . It raises many doubts,suspicions, and worries for the future, and forth the "repeal and replace " plan .



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