Lewis and Clark Expedition By: Aidan hoover

Key Players of The Expedition

Some of the key players in the Expedition was William Clark. Clark was a Lieutenant in the Army. He helped with the Northwest Campaign. Clark was also a great navigator of the West, and he was also the co-commander of the expedition. Next is Meriweather Lewis. Lewis was also in the Army and worked with Clark and they became best friends. Lewis got a letter from Thomas Jefferson asking him to be Jefferson's secretary aide. Jefferson asked Lewis if he wanted to lead the Expedition he said yes and he asked Jefferson if he could have Clark as his co-commander and Jefferson said yes. Next we have is Sacagawea. Sacagawea was a Shoshone Indian she was extremely smart. She helped Lewis and Clark get through the wilderness from excellent navigation skills. The next Key Player is President Thomas Jefferson. President Jefferson is the one who came up with the expedition of exploring the west to expand the United States. The final key player is William Clark's slave York. York has been with Clark when Clark was with his father. When Clark's father died he gave York to William. York was the only African American on the Expedition. York was used for scouting and hunting skills.

Expedition Accomplishments

Lewis and Clark made some major accomplishments of their journey westward. One of those accomplishments was making it to the Pacific Ocean and they also mapped at route to the Pacific. Another accomplishment of the expedition was making good relationships with the Western Indians. The final accomplishment of the expedition was bringing back information about the people in the West.

Hardships and Dilemmas faced along the Way

Along this long and tiresome journey Lewis and Clark faced some dilemmas along the way. One of the hardships faced along this journey was the rapids.It was hard for them because the rapids were really hard to control their boat in. Another hardship was rowing up stream this made them very tired and. The third hardship of the expedition was waterfalls. Lewis and Clark hit waterfalls when they were rowing in streams and rivers. The waterfalls caused them to re-route or go on foot around them. Also, another dilemma or hardship of the journey was prickly-pear cactus. They kept stepping on these tiny cactuses which caused their feet to hurt. The final hardship was Grizzly bears raiding their camp and eating all of their food.

Animals Discovered on the journey

Lewis and Clark discovered these Animals on the expedition which are Grizzly Bears, Bison, and Coyote.

The route taken by the Lewis and clark expedition

The route taken by Lewis and Clark was called Route of Corps of Discovery. It took them 8,000 miles.

Left from Philadelphia, PA- Gettysburg, PA 140 miles traveled

Gettysburg, PA- Pittsburgh, PA (via Harpers Ferry West Virginia 260 miles)

Pittsburgh, PA- Cincinnati, Ohio 482 miles traveled

Cincinnati, Ohio- Clarksville, IN/ Louisville, KY 101 miles traveled.

Clarksville, IN- Paducah, KY 245 miles traveled.

Paducah,KY- Wood River, IL 228 miles traveled.

(Not all of the destinations)

They ended at The Dalles, Oregon- Seaside, Oregon 244 miles traveled.

Items and tools Taken on the journery

On this journey Lewis and Clark took these tools and many more. One thing they took was food they needed a supplies of food to survive on their journey. The next item they took were ships. They needed to navigate through the rivers with little boats and they needed the boats to carry all of their supplies. Another tool they brought were guns. They brought this tool to protect themselves from any predators like bears and Native Americans. Also, they brought it to hunt for food if they ran out. The next tool they brought were axes. Lewis and Clark brought this tool for two reasons.One they could use it as weapon to protect themselves. Secondly they brought it to cut firewood to stay warm. The next item/tool they brought was a pocket compass to navigate through the wilderness. They brought journals to keep track of what they encountered. To go along with this tool they brought feather pens to write with. The last tool Lewis and Clark brought was a little corn mill. They brought this to make food for themselves and their horses when they got them.


Lewis and Clark: At the Leading Edge of Science and Technology(Binder)




Sacagawea Guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition


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