Africa's ABC's Webpage of African facts in ALPHABETICAL order

Facts I found about Africa; There also in Alphabetical order.

Africa: Second largest country in the world and is located south of Europe. Was once a part of a huge land mass called Pangaea.

Biomass: Africa has the most extensive biomass burning in the world. Emits 4% of the worlds total carbon dioxide emission.

Cetewayo: The Zulu tribes king. Ruled for 5 years.

Deforestation: 4 million hectares of primary forest disappear every year.

Equator: Africa is located right on the equator.

Festivals: Africa has An Celebration/festival for EVERY event or occasion.

GDP: South Africa has the highest GDP at 182 million dollars.

Human Race: The whole human race is from the African Religion.

Islam: Dominant religion in Africa.

Jukskei: Very popular game African children play.

Kilimanjaro: Highest mountain on the continent. 5895 meters above sea level.

Languages: About 25% of the worlds languages are only in Africa. Over 2000 recognized languages spoken.

Minerals: Approximately 30% of Earth's remaining mineral resources are in Africa.

Neocolonialism: Real threat with over 1 million Chinese citizens on Africa.

Official Languages: Africa has 11 official languages, that's why Africa is called "The Rainbow Nation".

Pharaonic: Worlds oldest and longest-lasting civilization.

Quagga: Unusual type of Zebra that is extinct. Was around when the Dodo bird was around.

River: The Nile River is the world's largest river. Cuts crossed 11 countries.

Sahara: Largest desert in the world. Takes most of North Africa.

Tropical Forest: 60% of tropical forest in Congo Basin are considered commercially exploitable.

Unesco World Heritage: Outstanding value of humanity.

Victoria Lake: Largest lake in Africa. Second largest salt water lake.

Walking: People in Africa have to walk and average of 3.7 miles per day to collect water.

Xerxes: A king/ruler of the African Origin. King/ruler of the Achaemenid Dynasty.

Yoruba: Religion is Christianity Islam, and Yoruba religion. Languages include, Yoruba, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Zulu: Largest ethic group in South Africa with a total of 11 million people.

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