Our 2nd Home Our photo-essay focuses on significant places around the school.These places are often used by students and teachers.We find this as significant places because this the 2nd home for some of us in school and this places brings us great memories .

This the Pullup Bar in our school that often used by most of the boys. This is the tools that the boys would train themselves for making them fit. This places makes some of the boys happy as they can have great memories among them having fun and have a great bond.
This is our classroom that we grow together .This the place that we study and learn together as one.There are good and bad memories as this is the place we excel in our studies and also learn from our mistakes .A place to help and support each other to progress higher.
This Is our Hockey Pitch where our Hockey players train. This is the Place where the players has to persevere through training so that they can achieve victory in all their competitions. During school curriculum , teachers use this Hockey Pitch to conduct their Physical Education lesson for the students.
This is our school canteen where we have our delicious food. We often come here during our recess time to eat and relax. We take this time to connect with each other by sharing our thoughts. This strengthen our friendship between each other by taking out and sharing our thoughts. We have wonderful memories here.
This is our Basketball court where our Basketball players train and play during the free time , during CCA and during our Physical Education. This is our own outdoor Basketball court. Most of us would go and play Basketball during our free time with our friends and we create a lot of memories because we care for each other

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