Vacuole By:stephanie valme

  • Vacuole is like a big book bag at that holds all your stuff for the school day . To the home you need to turn in or them old grade work that was from last semester. Or even the closet where your teacher has a supply so you can do a project.
  • Plant cells have a large vacuole that helps maintain the structure of the plant cell by storing water. Vacuoles are distributed throughout the cell's cytoplasm. Most are spaced between the cell membrane, the nucleus, and the cell's other large organelles.
  • Vacuoles can have a lot of functions in a cell Typically, their job includes isolating harmful materials, storing waste products, storing valuable water in a plant cell, helping maintain the pressure within a cell, balancing the pH of a cell, exporting products out of the cell, and storing proteins for seed germination.
  • They started out when part of the lipid membrane around the cell folded in and then pinched itself off to form a new little membrane inside the cell. Cells that used extra energy to make vacuoles survived better, because they could use the vacuoles to keep the cell healthier.
  • vacuole can take up more than half of the cell's volume. The vacuole holds large amounts of water or food also waste. That's why it needs to be so big
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Stephanie Valme

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