Watching Toys

This series of images is entitled “Watching Toys. I chose that title for the literal reason that my daughter, Sienna was watching Toy Story 3. So on a surface level these are some perceptive images of my daughter watching a movie. Which in turn may get some likes on social media platforms but they won’t exactly tell the story of the images. These images will always personally remind me of what good storytelling is. A great story can have you crying hysterically one moment to laughing wholeheartedly the next. Which is what exactly occurred during these moments.

Sienna had previously seen Toy Story 3 but when she was much younger, before she understood some of the nuisances and emotions of the story and of life. My daughter began crying at the scene when Bullseye attempts to leave with Woody and then giggling moments later when Woody almost fell in the toilet. This roller coaster of emotion lasted for the next hour or so as the movie progressed. I am not ashamed to admit I teared up during a few scenes as I eventually put down the camera and joined her on the couch. I mean I am writing an emotional post attached to a series of black and white images.

This whole process got me thinking about storytelling in general and why we are drawn to them in all their mediums. Is it simply because at some point in our life we all are great storytellers. Whether it be at a young age crafting stories in our heads while playing with toys or learning how to lie as we get older. Recreating a hilarious story for friends at a bar on Friday night or eventually telling stories of your past to your children and grandchildren.

Now I am not saying I am a great storyteller or that I was even successful in telling a story with these images. I will however be forever reminded by my daughter of what a good story is.

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Aaron Keeny

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