This image posted above is the grayscale version of my hero portrait. The person I chose to be my hero was the one and only J.Cole. Some may ask why i've chosen him as my hero, but it's hard not to. He is a true rap artist that raps about the harsh realities in his life and in other, creating awareness to the world. If that's not enough to convince you, he also raps about his insecurities and embraces it without a care in the world.
My monochromatic color choice was different shades of red, to show courage strength and other visible features that J.Cole has. As for my complementary color choices, I thought because he's very jubilant and optimistic in life, he deserved to have such vibrant colors.
My split complementary choice of colors where purple, blue and lime green. I really loved these colors the most when using the Y technique on the color wheel. Then, for my double complementary; I chose the colors above because it's a mixture of light and dark. Similar to yin and yang because J.Cole tends to try and right his wrong and realizes what he could have changed in his past.
The analogous color choices represented Fayetteville, North Carolina, because it's a sunny and warm place to be from the words of my Hero. As for the triadic color choice, I really enjoyed the blues for my pantones because of how relax, calm and cool my hero is in all types of situations.
This is my final and most favorite of them all. I chose to add a background image to my hero which represents the strike through. The strike-through is a logo that my favorite brand Undefeated uses as their logo. I decided that by adding this as the background, it shows how he is one of the greats, maybe even legendary one day.
My t-shirt mockup came out really good in my eyes, even though pink wouldn't be my first color choice. But, as far as selling a shirt like this, I really think the target market for this design is anyone who is a fan of J.Cole or even idolizes him.
This was a very fun learning process to me because I was always curious how screen printing really worked. I am finally able to understand how the systems work to get a great outcome on anything screen printed.

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