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Is Texting While Driving A Dangerous Stunt?

Cell phones has been always a part of us since decades ago. As years pass by, texting while driving has been coming a big issue among our society. In this case, young adults age 18-25, are likely more involved. Social media has taken up the future and young adults never want to feel left out. Basically, texting has turned into a major communication tool that can lead fellow people into crisis situation if the action its’ done in a bad situation. Mainly, while driving.

As we all know, we are not multitaskers. Driving takes on full focus on the road with oncoming cars and three mirrors to check on. Well, adding another mirror (Mobile Phone), is definitely a bad idea. Having to read text or even reply them, can cause a big distraction during driving. Since both driving and messaging require focus, neither gets the consideration it genuinely needs. This is why multiple accidents happens on the road, even fatal ones. People loves challenges, especially young teens and adults. When one escaped death situations, they might think they can multitask while driving. Their ego will be fed and fatal accidents will continuously grow. Criminal charges will be given to those who are at fault. Many states takes out strict disciplines including behind bars time for text drivers that prompts genuine damage or death. Seem like dread mongering? Figure once more. Various cases exist in which text drivers ended up with vehicular murder or manslaughter accusations.

Texting while driving cannot have all the earmarks of being a genuine wrongdoing when being differentiated with weapon viciousness, sedates or composed posse wars. In any case, given the general detachment towards the rising hazard and the sheer negligence to essential wellbeing conventions, the issue has heightened to unsafe levels without raising any cautions. Here are only a couple of reasons that a study by SMS advertising organization Simple Texting found; which demonstrates the threat won't leave at any point in the near future unless there are essential changes. The study result showed that almost half of the drivers blatantly ignore the no-texting laws. While particular laws have been established to avert and punish the drivers who take part in messaging and driving, half of the drivers overlook these guidelines and ended up taking part in this hazardous propensity. As indicated by the report by Simple Texting, around 43 percent of the drivers shared they couldn't care less for the laws.

The laws are from time to time forced, while culprits are once in a while caught. Laws to counteract texting while driving have been made stricter and the fines are charged higher. In any case, the law gives off an impression of being consigned to the law books and the conditions out and about. As indicated by the exploration led by Simple Texting, just 1 out of 13 drivers is normally pulled over for abusing the laws. According to the statistics, more than 90 percent of individuals who were texting while driving were not pulled by police officers. Such poor numbers simply serve to encourage drivers and urge them to keep overstepping the law since there is not really any activity against them. Regardless of the possibility that some are pulled over, there is a high chance, he or she will be let off with only a notice or a reference.

In a nutshell, most young adults and teens have no sense of responsibility and awareness when it comes to driving. They are mostly dishonest with their bad habits and it will be a cycle that keeps on repeating till they learn their lesson, the hard way. In spite of the way that culprits are occasionally captured or fined, these drivers seldom concede about their possibly hazardous liberality. Half of the drivers who asserted that they once in a while text while driving, ended up being the most noticeably awful guilty parties. As for individuals who admit that mistakes, were found to be the least threat when it comes to the road. Therefore, police enforcement should come into a bigger picture and change these text driver’s perspectives. Most of them are aware that their family plays a big role in this incident, but people like to shake it off and just ignore the consequences.

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If you text and drive, you are 23 times more likely to have a car crash. Using electronic gadgets especially phones has become the major distraction for many drivers. Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road with full concentration instead of constantly reply to their cell phones or gadgets. Commonly, there are 660000 drivers using electronic devices while driving. It is to be said that people will spend an average of 5 seconds off the road just to text, and 5 seconds is enough to create a tragedy. Sadly, 20% of teens and 10% of parents (adults0 admit that they are multi-messaging while driving. An estimation of 421,000 innocent people has gotten into an accident just because of distracted drivers. It can wait. Turn off your gadgets now and stay safe.

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