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I am a Capricorn. Zodiacs don't describe people well, so here is my official answer. I would like to represent, rather simply, myself. I find it distasteful to talk about oneself and only oneself, but for the sole purpose of this assignment I shall suck it up. For starters, I’m weird. Not the kind of cool weird, either. I am standoffish, and usually keep to myself. Should you entrance me with the awe of conversation, I will do my best to show you the randomization my brain processes in. I would like to represent the fact that I generally am a nice person, unless I have a reason to dislike you. However, since I lack a lot of communication skills, people usually just think I’m being a prick or ignoring them. I tend to speak in actions rather than words, as I find honesty only exists in actions.

What college, work service etc, study, area of work, what requirements does it have? I aspire to become an EMT. Oddly enough, I hate change. But when it comes to jobs and things I find interesting, I love change. Doing something new every day, yet still being on a schedule. It’s like having a set time to be thrown out of my comfort zone. I love the idea of helping people, as well. I find it embarrassing to be thanked and such, but I do love helping. Hopefully most people will be unconscious or not notice me while I do my job, so that I can do it right and calmly. I’ll take some EMT classes at either SOU or RCC.

Where is it located

SOU is located in Ashland and RCC is next to table rock. Since I get homesick easily, I’ll most likely live next to my parents. I don’t want to go too far from here.

When I’m going to take a year after school to accumulate money. Then I shall enroll in whatever college, and spend 2 years there.


Most of that was covered in the “what” section. However, it’s simply because doing the same thing over and over is awful.

How does one get in this work 1. “Get certified in CPR. ... 2. Get your EMT-Basic certification. ... 3. Get your EMT-B certification. ... 4. Take the National Registry EMT-Basic exam. ... 5. (This Step Is Completely Optional)Get one year of EMT-B experience. ... 6. Enroll in paramedic school. ... 7. Complete your paramedic training. ... 8. Get training to drive an ambulance.” Source: ☺☺☺☺☺
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