Photovoice Week 2 Looking to See: Creating Compositions

As any photograph must have structure to entertain our visual curiosity, it also must have a frame. Frames (with regards to photography) are the borders that sustain the elements within the image that give it interest, depth and meaning. Good framing reinforces the body of the photograph. Today we will address framing in photography.

What do you see? How do these photos use composition tools to see everyday places in a new way?

Composition Tools: Texture, Contrast, Motion, Leading Lines, Patterns, Perspective, Reflection, Color

Steve McCurry: 9 Tips for Composition Video
Week 2 Photo Assignment

5 photos (one for each composition technique) due to Google Classroom by end of class Tuesday

Categories: Color, Shape, Line, Texture, Pattern

Print your best 3 and hang for critique by end of class on Wednesday

Update on your Spark Page by end of class on Friday


Created with images by Nathan Dumlao - "Your perspective is your reality…" • Ricardo Gomez Angel - "Drops" • Rene Böhmer - "composition" • Filip Mroz - "Running" • Daniel Olah - "Track and field" • Nahil Naseer - "coming alive" • David East - "Los Angeles Underground" • Marc-Olivier Jodoin - "Testing photoshop, inspired by Michael Pistono."