MINION WORLD by lizete

It was a peaceful afternoon and the minion family decided to go outside to play as a family. Like always Carl and Stuart always come up with any little thing to annoy mama minion. They take out there fart guns and start fighting.So then mama minions anger starts to kick in.

The minions keep going with there little idea and do not stop after mama minion told them like 10 times. While that is happening Phill and purple minion are observing the fight and phill cheers them on.They seem to do it purposely right in front of her face and baby minion.

Then the minion baby starts getting dizzy because of the smell and they still wont stop. Its coming to an end mama minion thought. So the only way they would stop is if papa minion comes and tells them to stop.Baby minion hoping papa minion hurry's so he wont faint.So mama goes on and tells papa minion to come over so they can stop.

Papa minion finally gets there and Carl and Stuart act like nothing has been going on so Carl asks him if he would like a banana to make him believe nothings happened, but they are not good liars even the purple minion notice it.

After all papa minion does not believe him and so he gets Carl grounded so now mama and minions can go for walks without any distraction.

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