Encouraging confident communication Magic Cloud allows children to assign video content to any object

Magic Cloud from PlayTalkLearn Ltd inspires children to become confident communicators by creating their own video content and assigning it to any real-world object. When the object is placed on the Magic Cloud, the video content magically appears on a computer screen.

Why is this important?

By assigning personalised video messages to objects, children can develop the clarity of their communications and build confidence.

"I created a video message about the Eiffel Tower and assigned it to a cardboard model. Now my classmates can see the video any time they place the model on the Magic Cloud!"
"I created a personalised birthday message for my granddaughter in New Zealand and assigned it to the soft toy I mailed to her".

A user-friendly Magic Cloud app is supplied on a USB stick for you to load onto your PC or laptop. Then, using the Magic Cloud tags supplied, you can link your own video content to any object in the real world: from a toy to a model to a book to a leaf... anything really!

"On parents' night, parents are able to activate video messages from their kids when they place their craft models on the Magic Cloud."
"We were able to assign a series of animated cartoon videos to the range of soft toys we sell, adding a new dimension of interactivity."

Magic Cloud has many applications – both educational and commercial – for teachers, parents, grandparents, toy manufacturers, visitor attractions, museums and other organisations.

For more information, contact Andrew Manches at andrew@playtalklearn.co.uk

Magic Cloud is a product from PlayTalkLearn Ltd.