100+ Games, 50+ NCAA Teams, 10,000 Kids Supported

Here's Why They Host Fight for Literacy Games...

“Reading at grade-level by the end of 3rd grade is one of the largest factors contributing to success in a person’s life” - Norma Nelson, Readers 2 Leaders, Executive Director

Kids Who Can't Read Are In Great Danger

"64% of American 4th graders are not reading at grade-level" - National Assessment of Educational Progress

Our Solution: Use The Power Of Sports To Fight For Literacy

"Our staff and program wants to do everything in our power to better the future, including encouraging our fans to actively participate in this cause." - Coach Avery Johnson, Alabama

How It Works: Fight for Literacy Games

  1. Pick One Game - Partner athletic program picks one date to host Fight for Literacy Game.
  2. Invite Visiting Team - The visiting team is invited to join the effort.
  3. Wear Green - Coaching staff wears provided Fight for Literacy Green cause awareness kit.
  4. Blow The Whistle - Sports information team utilizes their platform to raise cause awareness.
  5. Assist For Literacy - Fans are invited to pledge a donation (100% stay in local community) for each assist their team makes for 4 games, beginning with the awareness game.
  6. Lead and Read - Coaching staff and players visit local literacy partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Coaching for Literacy NCAA Compliant? Coaching for Literacy is fully compliant with every NCAA stipulation connected to our activities. Learn more about our NCAA Compliance Policy.
  2. Could you tell me more about fan donations? 100% of the funds your fans raise will stay in your community. Learn more about how we raise funds for literacy work in your community: Fundraising FAQ.
  3. How much time will this take my staff? Coaching for Literacy produces all PR copy, social media content, graphics, and campaign logistics. Visit our Resources Page to learn more.
"Literacy is a key indicator of life success. By using our platform and partnering with Coaching for Literacy, we know we can give young students in Dallas a chance for a brighter future." - Coach Tim Jankovich, SMU

$200,000+ Invested In 75+ Literacy Projects Nationwide

We raise critical awareness about the issue of illiteracy and provide financial resources to help literacy programs in your communities.

“The involvement of Ole Miss Athletics in the Fight for Literacy Games effort provides more children a shot at success, and we are so grateful.” Teresa Adams, Leap Frog, Executive Director

Need More Information?

Ryan Viner | Executive Director

P: 901.410.3633 | C: 205.999.7787 | E: ryan@coachingforliteracy.org

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