Entrepreneurship and Technology by Ryan read

My Project

Building off my original work in 525 about Technology in Small Businesses (Entrepreneurship). I expended to the research to look at The availability of affordable technology has been a great boost for businesses of all types. It has also meant that business owners need to sort through a tremendous number of technology options and find the best ways to use technology to achieve business purposes.

  • Original research showed that the education of using tools seemed to determine the use of technology.
  • Use of mobile technology within their business that allows for better retail and payment transactions for both customers and services.
  • How this of technology differed from when their businesses started and how it is used now.


Revisiting previous research

Local Comic Book Store

Real Review


Specific Location has been around almost twenty years after three others closed down.

Technology and Business use

Had some very old fashioned practices despite being one of the first to use modern inventory and spreadsheets. Wasn't until about two years after pervious research they decided to overhaul the program. This lead to better influx of inventory, resulting in customer satisfaction and lead into better profit margins

Used Technology but kept a personal touch

Current Study

I sought out two places of small town businesses and asked the following questions in a simple one-on-one Subject Interviews. Interviews took place at the location of the businesses.

Home Titles

Use of current mortgage rates from their website
Using NVivo
Annotating thoughts and main points.
Pulled Online Data
Breakdown of Cases of the Nodes
Flow Mind Map


Social Media Use

What we believe

Only used by two out of the five businesses and not daily

Rely on more word of mouth and business exchanges

Payment and Transactions

When am I getting paid?

Balancing the Ledger

Most common technology use were calculators and the use of Quickbooks for payments and take home pay.

Two out of the five businesses still use checks and balances for tax write offs and keeping transactions tracked. They still want a person touch.

Insert Video for practuium

Final thoughts

  1. Use of technology (mobile or general) is still pretty low.
  2. Business practices are considered "different", but no major change from when businesses were started from the use of technology
  3. Despite the use of social media or technology logistic tools, there is still a sense of keeping a more "personal" relationship between the customer base and how the businesses operate.
  4. Chain of Order in how all the businesses operate and continue to be successful with or without the use of technology.



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