Green peace This organisation is trying to achieve a green and peaceful place by stopping deforestation. They have been doing this for 40 years protesting and getting signatures.

This website is trying to stop people using.

  • Cheap wood
  • Products that use palm oil like: nestle,Oreo,some butters,chocolate.
  • Soy
  • Wood pulp
  • Cocoa
We have all ready lost half of our rainforest all ready. Deforestation makes up 20 percent of our greenhouse gases.

This group has gone into the heart of the amazon and helped villages protest against deforestation they also raise money to help out the villages that are suffering from this.

Around 1.6 billion people worldwide rely on forests for food and economic means. Deforestation has had devastating impacts on the indigenous peoples and forest-dependent communities that have traditionally romed these lands. Beyond the borders of the forest, we all rely on forests for things like clean water, timber, medicines, and products we use every day.

Deforestation doesn't just effect villages and climate change it also effects the animals that live in the rainforest.

In the nine years from 1991 to 2000, the total area of Amazon rainforest cleared since 1970 rose from 419,010 to 575,903 km2

What green peace do

This group in the Amazon are tackling the root causes of forest destruction in the Amazon: infrastructure, cattle, soy, and logging. When it comes to deforestation, these activities are closely linked. First, forested land is cleared for logging or infrastructure. Then, the cleared land is used for agriculture, most often cattle grazing.

This picture shows how much forest has been destroyed and how much is left

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