Dragons And Dinosaurs Sophie

CONTRAPTION- device, mechine

This is a very fun CONTRAPTION

SUBMERGED- immersed

This fish is SUBMERGED under the water

MASSIVE- enormous, solid

This pretzel looks MASSIVE up close, but it's really small

EERIE- creepy, weird

Everybody thinks this lady is EERIE, but if she didn't have the black on her eyes, or smile like that, she would be kind of pretty.

ROAMED- wander, travels

This person ROAMED around, but now she is lost

OBSTACLES- impediment, barrier

This guy was doing some OBSTACLES, and fell in the mud

ELEGANT- tasteful

These ice cream cones are very ELEGANT

COMPLICATED- complex, intricated

This test was very COMPLICATED


Created with images by FirmBee - "office flowers apple" • giusti596 - "egypt red sea sea" • Alexas_Fotos - "wiesnbreze breze pretzel" • SherieBeazley - "halloween scary ghoul" • nightowl - "binoculars child magnification" • skeeze - "run mud competition" • silviarita - "ice cream waffles food" • eslfuntaiwan - "quiz test exam"

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