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USAID's flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) invites you to join us to recognize the importance of expanding proven interventions in order to prevent child and maternal deaths and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When we find a new health practice or know something existing (but underutilized) works to improve health, it's imperative that we work as a global community to make it a success. This planned expansion to cover more of a population with an evidence-based technique, process, or innovation not currently in widespread practice is called scale-up.

Use the messages and graphics below or create your own and help us share why it is important to successfully scale up high-impact interventions. Follow @MCSPglobal and @USAIDGH and use hashtag #ScaleforSuccess. Also, share this toolkit: https://spark.adobe.com/page/CnUqDzGhbSExQ/


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When governments recognize an intervention can improve the population’s health and achieve significant impact, decision-makers decide to #ScaleForSuccess. @MCSPglobal is supporting countries to scale up proven, cost-effective solutions. Learn how: http://bit.ly/ScaleLegacy

Graphic: Liz Eddy/MCSP

When we know a health practice works, it's critical to plan and get it to more people! Join @USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal and share why and how planned scale-up is used to save lives. #ScaleforSuccess #MomandBaby See more: https://spark.adobe.com/page/CnUqDzGhbSExQ/

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP
Photo: Kate Holt/MCSP

Messages to Share

About Scale-Up and Why it Matters

Simply put, scale-up is the systematic expansion and sustainment of proven health interventions that we know work to improve health. Especially important for a vulnerable #MomandBaby! #ScaleforSuccess https://spark.adobe.com/page/CnUqDzGhbSExQ/

BIG goals of scale-up = expanded services reaching more people (increased coverage) and integration of and support for the intervention from all levels of health system (institutionalization). Need both to #ScaleforSuccess!

We often know what processes or innovations work to prevent, detect, and /or treat health problems, but without proper planning at every level of the #healthsystem few women and children benefit. That's why we must maximize & #ScaleforSuccess!

When countries scale up proven, high-impact interventions and ultimately see the health of their citizens improve, they're stronger for it. Healthy people can work, care for families, & are better positioned to achieve their goals. #USAIDTransforms #ScaleforSuccess

#RMNCAH that works - is hard work! Scaling up for success requires country government and funding partners to deliberately plan, support policies, act effectively, and commit long-term. #ScaleforSuccess

Photo: Mubeen Siddiqui/MCSP
Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

Moving Scale-Up Forward

In order to improve quickly, and improve levels of quality while expanding innovations, it's vital to track and act on key data. Data for decision-making works! #ScaleforSuccess #globalhealth

Scale-up is often planned to take place in phases over time. That's why partners need to ensure a sustainability and financing plan is in place so that they are able to achieve their goals. #ScaleforSuccess #RMNCAH

Scale-up results in more people benefiting from better health. A healthy population is the backbone of a stable nation! As more people have confidence in their health care, they are better able to work towards the life they want. #ScaleforSuccess #USAIDTransforms

Successful scale-up requires significant commitment from partners to achieve a clear return on investment. Cost effectiveness is KEY as countries and partners have limited resources. #ScaleforSuccess #globalhealth

Partnerships are critical to improving scale up of proven health interventions. The challenges are so big we cannot address them in isolation! #ScaleforSuccess #EWECisME

To have successful scale-up, we need a supportive culture of learning that allows countries to discover incremental process innovations. #ScaleforSuccess https://spark.adobe.com/page/CnUqDzGhbSExQ/

We won't reach the #GlobalGoals without successful scale-up of health interventions that work. It's critical to get those proven innovations to populations who will benefit! #ScaleforSuccess

Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP
Photo: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

Twitter Chat

@USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal hosted a Twitter chat on how to successfully expand processes and practices that we know improve #globalhealth. Check out the hashtag #ScaleforSuccess to view the conversation.


Graphic: Liz Eddy/MCSP

@MCSPglobal hosted “Successful Country-Led Scale-Up of #RMNCAH Interventions”. The event featured a dialogue on implementing high-impact interventions to improve health for #MomandBaby. Watch the event here: http://bit.ly/SuccessfulScaleUp #ScaleforSuccess

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"Scale-Up" Graphic Art: Liz Eddy/MCSP;

"Scale-Up" Graphic Photos (L-R): Mubeen Siddiqui/MCSP; Karen Kasmauski/MCSP and Jhpiego; Liz Eddy/MCSP; Kate Holt/MCSP

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