Rickets Andrew Kanive

What Is Rickets : A Deficiency of calcium or Phosphorous, an imbalance of calcium and Phosphorous, or a deficiency of vitamin D can cause a deterioration or softening of bone.

Symptoms : Lameness , A stiff legged gait

Treatment : The goals of treatment are to relieve symptoms and correct the cause of the condition. The cause must be treated to prevent the disease from returning.

Replacing calcium, phosphorus, or vitamin D that is lacking will eliminate most symptoms of rickets. Dietary sources of vitamin D include fish, liver, and processed milk. Exposure to moderate amounts of sunlight is encouraged. If rickets is caused by a metabolic problem, a prescription for vitamin D supplements may be needed.

Positioning or bracing may be used to reduce or prevent deformities. Some skeletal deformities may require corrective surgery.

Prevention : oyster shell or limestone in the diet supplements of vitamin D also helps

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