Word on the Street Is CRISPR genome editing ethical, and should it be used on babies before they're born?

Shala Avery is a sophomore in AC. Avery thought that CRISPR genome editing was definitely not ethical. “Is it ethical? No, absolutely not, why would anyone do that … even if they have a disease, it’s who they are. [CRISPR] would be changing who they are.”

Gwen Khun, a junior in Berkeley International High School (BIHS) says that “there hasn’t been enough research on it yet and I feel that there needs to be more research done on [CRISPR] before it’s used on humans.” Khun also said that “it’s just so creepy.”

Ariane Stenstedt is a sophomore in Academic Choice (AC) who thinks that CRISPR is not ethical, and should not be performed on babies. “[I don’t think] that should be done, because it’s not making the baby who they are. It’s changing who they really are, and their genes,” said Stenstedt.

Abril Fonseca, a junior in Berkeley International High School (BIHS) thinks that “to a certain extent, it is ethical.” Fonseca also added that “some people will take it to extreme measures though, like to the point where they will start using it for their own advantage. And I don’t think that that is okay.”

Najwa Ali, a sophomore in Academic Choice (AC), said, “It’s like you’re setting up what your child is going to be like, people just need to let [the child] be how it’s going to be.” She also mentioned that there will be inequality, where some people could be made perfectly and others will just be normal people.

Nathaniel Miles-Urdan, a freshman in Universal 9th Grade (U9), says, “It depends what they’re doing it for." He continues, “It’s really hard to decide, because it definitely has its benefits, but people should be careful with it. People will use it in different ways and sometimes take it to far … there is a limit to how much goodness people can get out of it.”

Compiled by Olivia Contreras with photos by Maralina Caldas

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