The Follow Up february 2017

February was filled with snow, 70 degree weather and plenty of excited families visiting campus. With Purdue's For Me in full swing and Daily Visits picking up steam, the Office of Admissions has started to feel the heat of spring. Check out this month's edition of The Follow Up to see what our visitors had to say about their time spent at Purdue in February.

Nice Quote of the Month

I liked how diverse the people were, how inclusive they seemed to be

Keep up the personal aspects of the tour. Keep having the tour guides do things like signing the visitors absence form and writing postcards asking how the tour was. These are the things that I think show Purdue's ability to go above and beyond other large, public universities to make students feel welcomed and wanted rather than a disturbance.

We were pleased to see the focus on global experiences and the support for study abroad.

I really liked learning all of the history behind all of the buildings, I've always loved Purdue and the tour made me like the place even more.

We were very encouraged by the focus on cooperative, team-based, project-centered learning

I think what made my visit experience at Purdue better than my visit at IU was the personal aspect of the tour. The moment I walked in I was greeted by students who signed my absence excuse paper for school. And just a few days ago I got a handwritten card from my student life tour guide. I think those personal interactions really made the difference and made me feel welcome. I enjoyed the tour very much and am extremely satisfied. I'm very excited for next fall and can't wai tto see where Purdue takes me!

I feel like the students are really passionate about their learning and I want to be a part of this wonderful society.

The tour was very well put together and everyone was very nice. I also liked the surrounding area and town.

I liked that the students were thorough when asked a question

I loved how organized the tour was and the campus itself is beautiful. Another thing I loved was how condensed the campus is and how it really feels like a small school. The faculty to student ratio is impressive for the number of students enrolled and the academic resources available are astounding.

I like the environment of the campus and the size. The atmosphere of the campus seemed very positive and social.

Lots to offer in the way of support and activities. Very impressive history and alumni.

I loved the peaceful feel of Purdue University and West Lafayette in general! I loved the diversity that I saw there, and the various different clubs I could join. The campus was very open and welcoming, and the students seemed extremely friendly as well!

I was set on going to IU, but the visit changed my mind.

I went down to the food area in the Union building and had a great sandwich. I loved the variety of restaurants and food all over campus.

Mean Quote of the Month

I didn't feel wanted and appreciated by the school. I have toured other schools and have been awed by them and I wasn't awed by Purdue.

While my son felt the academic programs were very strong, he could not see himself living on the campus or attending Purdue.

Build in a brief break between sessions. We carried our own snacks as there was no break to grab a snack from 8:30 in the morning until after 3:00 in the afternoon!

Get a Dunkin Donuts

The tour participants were never really given an opportunity to feel like they were part of anything. Having participants share their name, year, perspective major, etc. and then actually acknowledging the individuals in some way would be nice. One of our guides at least attempted to do that at the start of the tour and mentioned classes that students might have in certain buildings. The second guide, however, barely acknowledged group beyond walking backward and addressing individual questions.

My tour guide talked really fast and was sometimes hard to understand.

I wish there had been more about the honors college, I am interested in how selective and rigorous it is academically.

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