Artistic Creations a trip to the harn museum of art By: Kevin Naughton

DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM -- After entering the Harn Museum of Art, I was awestruck by the size the rooms and the amount of works on the wall. The room that stuck out to me the most was David A. Cofrin's Asian Art Wing. The Asian Art Wing was opening in March 2012 and came with a beautiful garden with many plants and trees originating from Asian. The size of the garden was small in comparison to the whole art wing, but the garden's size isn't what shined to me. Instead, the simplicity and calmness I felt while walking over the bridge is what truly impressed me. I have been to the Harn twice since I have come to University of Florida, and walking through this garden each time brought a sense of relief and relaxation from never ending daily coursework.
MEDIUM OF THE ART -- Pottery has always fascinated me more than paintings or pictures as I feel there is more "hands on" work than drawing (although I may be incorrect). One of my friends from high school started a career in pottery and that friendship sparked my interest in pottery. The entrance to David A. Cofrin's Asian Wing contains over one hundred works of pottery that are individually amazing, but near perfect when put all together. The showcase of the vast styles of cups and pots from many vastly different Asian cultures showed me how truly different people can be from the same area. Even from the same place, artwork and interests can differ due to the time period the work was created in. I felt like a small person in such a huge world filled with billions of people just by looking through the pottery here. I also felt a sense of humor, reminiscing about times I used to watch my friend create his own pots.
ART AND CORE VALUES: Growing up Asian, my mother has some Buddha statues around my house as a way to express her religion and what she believed in. She believed in a philosophical system called feng shui where lot's of normal actions may bring your family bad luck, such as sitting near the entrance of a restaurant will bring my family bad luck for a week. It's superstitions like walking under a ladder, but going through that my whole life I subconsciously follow feng shui. This statue of Buddha brought back my memories of everything my mom taught me growing up. I felt really proud of my culture as a Chinese American even though his Buddha was Japanese made. The gold/brass look the Buddha gave off felt really "normal". Buddha statues are normally made with this color and stance, so there was nothing too special about this particular statue. This Buddha didn't help me better understand my Asian culture, instead it helped bring me back to my roots as half Asian and half Caucasian.
ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: This painting about a street in Tokyo, drawn by Yvonne Jacquette. My first impression of this picture was how beautiful the artwork was to me, as I was seriously impressed by how the different angles of each stroke created a sense of perspective and depth. I grew up in a rural area and living in a city has always been a dream of mine. This painting stuck out to me over the hundreds of other paintings in the Harn due to the fact it is of an urban town. I feel like a theme in Good Life this painting can relate to me as is seeking the good life. Seeing this work helps confirms my dreams to move to a city. The amount of action that seems to be happening on a single street intrigues me and makes me want to look up more about urban life.
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