Making Money in this Economy A 30 Year CPA Looked At the Facts

Start by Asking a Simple Question

Have you ever asked "What does everyone need?"

One answer I discovered was in the startling percent of our economy spent on healthcare. It's a whooping 17.4%. It's easy to see that almost all people need to have better health. I call that wellness.

What Is Wellness?

We all are so entrenched in the sickness industry that we forget that we really want wellness. As I had achieved wellness I noticed that most people didn't really have it. I'd receive compliments on my health which I thought was strange because it wasn't that big a deal to me but it must be to others. But those comments sparked an interest in wellness as an opportunity.

The more I researched the more I found that there was a huge opportunity because at least half of the United States did not have full wellness. The supply of customers is almost endless. I discovered that our society has steadily gained weight and that obesity was closely linked to the top two killers of adults; heart disease and cancer.

I discovered several closely linked industries and frankly it was startling and it really bothered me. I wondered if these industries were really be co-partners in the sickness industry?

  • Doctors were more interested in prescribing drugs to their patients than they were at solving the cause of the symptom.
  • Drug companies were not in the business of finding cures, but the business of treating the symptom and keeping their customers locked to their drug solution.
  • Food companies had evolved over the last 60 years to alter natural food by processing out healthy nutrients and inserting chemical ingredients to make it taste better.
  • Farming practices used a tremendous amount of pesticides and other harmful chemicals to treat the food before it was sold to the food companies.
  • The vast majority of doctors are trained in medical schools whose curriculums are heavily influenced by the drug companies who fund their operations and allow the faculty to have higher pay.
  • The government subsidized many farm crops such as corn to lower prices and as a result many products contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which turns to fat in the body. According to Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, HFCS by definition is a poison (see his presentation on YouTube). The prevalence of obesity mirrors that use of HFCS.
  • Pharmaceutical and big food companies spend hundreds of millions lobbying the Congress and political donations.
  • The big food companies have denounced fat as the cause of all the illness so they can promote carbohydrates.

Baby boomers are the prime market for wellness however their is a surge in wellness spending by knowledgable millennials. The baby boomer population controls approximately 50% of the US economy and they are seeking wellness and will pay for it. There are about 10,000 baby boomers per day turning age 65 for the next 20 years! That's an economic force.

Because of these facts and the shear size of the problem, I concluded that wellness will be a large market for the next 100+ years. I believe the drug and big food companies want to keep these facts secret. Just look at commercials on TV. They are dominated by the indulgence of food and get well with a pill. I noticed that drug company TV and radio commercials spend more time warning of the side effects than they do on their benefits. Yet, do you ever see a commercial touting eating natural food as a cure to many sickness related problems? Or even going on a low-carb diet with the increase in fat?

The Federal Government has taken a back seat to these problems because they created it with farm subsidies in order to make food cheap and not a political issue (Richard Nixon in 1972). We export the unhealthy American diet to other countries who used to be healthy but are now becoming obese like Americans. These countries are starting to have record number of obese citizens and prevalent illness and disease (China, Japan, the UK to name a few).

The Wellness Revolution is Happening. Are you going to be a part?

During my research I discovered this book written by noted economist Paul Zane Pilzer called The Wellness Revolution (see title below). He tied many of my own findings together and added the elements that would need to be present in order to create a "Revolution." He defined the sickness and wellness industries as:

Sickness industry products and services provided reactively to people with an existing disease, ranging from a common cold to existing cancerous tumors. These products and services seek to either treat the symptoms of a disease or eliminate the disease.
Wellness industry products and services provided proactively to healthy people (those without an existing disease) to make them feel even healthier and look better, to slow the effects of aging, and/or to prevent diseases from developing in the first place.

He said there are five characteristics of a revolution that successful entrepreneurs and investors would need present in order to jump in and capitalize on the opportunity:

  1. Affordability
  2. Legs
  3. Continual consumption
  4. Universal appeal
  5. Low consumption time

Affordability: When the VCR first came out everyone wanted one but few could afford it's $1,500 price tag. As technology improved by 1990 there were 120 million VCRs in 110 million homes. The same was true of cars, personal computers, DVDs, iPods and iPhones.

Legs: No amount of marketing will make a product or service ubiquitous unless it has legs—the ability to walk off the shelf without promotion once a critical mass of people own it.

Continual consumption: It costs more than $100 today (2002 when the book was published) in promotion and advertising expenses to get consumers to try a new product, and that’s just to see if they like it. If they do like it, to succeed it must be part of a business with products or services that they will continue to purchase.

Universal appeal: In order to become a mass-market business that changes the way in which we live, especially with the high cost today of customer education, the product or service must be one wanted by virtually everyone who learns about it.

Low consumption time: This is the greatest challenge today for new products and services seeking to become ubiquitous— busy consumers must have time to enjoy them. At the time they became widespread, most of today’s ubiquitous products, in addition to being enjoyable, actually saved the consumer time.

Pilzer says, "Wellness industry products and services have perhaps the strongest legs of any product or service, as people immediately notice when someone has a wellness experience and are anxious to duplicate the results."

He goes onto declare, "Wellness products and services represent perhaps the only sector of consumer spending that does not take time to enjoy. Money spent to make a person feel stronger, smile better, look younger, or feel healthier yields rewards that are enjoyed every moment of every day—on the job, at home, and at every moment in between."

Putting Two + Two Together

As a CPA I was always fascinated with the creative genius of the entrepreneurs I worked with and had studied. I found that there were several revolutionaries who remarkably started into the wellness industry the year Pilzer published his book. This fascinated me.

In 2006 I discovered a company that had the revolutionaries that Pilzer declared would rise up and take advantage of the huge opportunity. In fact they were so bold their company motto is:

To impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process create the largest health and wellness company in the world. ~Isagenix International

Pilzer predicted that more millionaires would be created from wellness than any other industry in the world. His prediction is coming true. This company has created more millionaires than any other company in America and in any industry since 2008.

This company has had record growth rates and earned $924 million in sales in 2016.


Why Wellness Excited Me & Why It Will Make Me and Others Healthy, Rich and Fulfilled

It really pains me that the incredibly powerful economic forces are preventing people from taking control of their health and are actually encouraging them to gain weight—forces so powerful that nothing short of a revolution will be able to stop them.

Weight and appearance now define social and economic opportunities, just as family name and birth did in the nineteenth century. Shame is used to control behavior and it robs a person of their uniqueness and causes them to live to "fit in" even when they would prefer to just be themselves. In today's social norms it's shameful to be overweight.

After I gained an understanding of how the food industry works today I couldn't keep silent about it. As an entrepreneur I want to lead and/or participate in the wellness revolution and make a big difference in the world.

I want to expose one of the great scandals of the junk-food culture; its most enthusiastic promoters personally avoid the very products they are pushing.

Our bodies need 90 key nutrients daily; 60 minerals and 30 vitamins, amino and fatty acids. The vast majority of the world are deficient in these vital key nutrients. Over the short term, these vitamin and mineral deficiencies manifest themselves as mood swings, lack of energy, joint pain, failing eyesight, hearing loss, and thousands of other ailments that medical science tells us to accept with advancing age. Over the long term, these deficiencies cause major illnesses like cancer and heart disease.

I believe, and I hope you do too after reading these facts, that there are enormous business opportunities in educating consumers about these facts and what they can do about it now such as how they can save money over the long term by eating right and how to replace their current unhealthy food budget with healthy food that will actually move them to wellness.

The task won't be easy though to educate a society dominated by a generation of the promotion of profiting from sickness. Pilzer says it best, "This and hundreds of other examples are symptoms of the two underlying problems with medical care in the developed world today— both of which are almost entirely economic rather than scientific.

  1. It is more profitable for medical suppliers to produce products consumers use for the rest of their lives than to make products that a consumer might use only once. Invariably, this means spending research and development funds on products that treat the symptoms of diseases rather than the causes or the cures.
  2. The third parties paying for most medical treatments—insurance companies and, ultimately, employers—do not have a long-term financial stake in the health of their employees. Most individuals bear little or no direct responsibility for their medical expenses, and almost all expenses to prevent illness (e.g., exercise, vitamins, nutritional supplements) are disallowed for reimbursement."

This is an economic reality. Everything follows the money. Yet, in this scenario lies the great opportunity to educate consumers on Wellness and eventually move their dollars from "sickness" to "wellness." Another way to put it,

"Fight an economic problem with an economic solution!"
The Wellness Economy is Huge!

The Health & Wellness Industry

The Wellness Revolution opportunity is here and ongoing. I choose to enter it first as a product user because I wanted to experience first hand if the revolutionaries I choose really had a wellness solution. To my joy they did. I was able to release over 50 pounds of excess fat in 2006 and I've kept it off ever since. In 2017 I stepped my game up a bracket and actually have lost more weight as I gained lean muscle. In total since I started in 2006 I've gone from 247 pounds to 182! That's a whopping 65 pounds!

Jim & Cathy Coover

Jim and Kathy Coover

I've partnered with the right revolutionary leaders to take our company into the future. The first event I attended in Phoenix, Arizona I met Jim Coover, the co-founder. Like the many great entrepreneurs I had met and served as a CPA, he was warm and genuine as I asked him many questions. I could see how he wanted to help me. He was not in a hurry and took the time to help me understand his and Kathy's vision. Then as I watched them on stage I could see how much they loved each other and they expressed their love to each person in the audience as if we were a part of their family. I've come to fully realize we are a part of their family. It's a great feeling knowing the Coover's are looking out for my best interest.

I've always felt like a partner with these two.

One of the Best Decisions I Ever Made

I'm proud to announce when I'm asked what I do to declare, "I'm The Wellness Warrior!"

This revolution can be enjoyed by anyone through the model of Network marketing as either a wellness consumer and/or as an educator sharing the revolution with others. The model is sound and it has allowed me to fully discover and embrace who I really am. I didn't have to hurry into something I wasn't ready for either. It fits so well with my simple dream:

My Dream

To spread joy over the entire planet and help create health, abundance and compassion to every human being.

Please consider for yourself if you want to partner with these revolutionaries and make a difference in the wellness of thousands of people starting with yourself. I've achieved more spiritually and financially since I locked arms with these revolutionaries in 2006 than I was able to accomplish in 30 years of being a CPA.

I hope you've received a glimpse of what network marketing in the Wellness Revolution really is. I hope you've also received a spark of interest and that it may be a way for you to create health and capture a share of the wellness economy for yourself.

Get back with the person that shared this with you and learn more about The Wellness Revolution.

Michael Lantz is a former 30 year CPA and was one of the best income and estate tax practitioners in Las Vegas. He retired in 2006 to pursue his dream of helping people become healthy and fit and spreading joy to those suffering. He stays fit by racing in the Ironman Triathlon. He is married with four sons and six grandchildren who call him "Big Papa!

He is an Executive with Isagenix International, a billion dollar health and wellness company and a top company income leader.

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