Help Locals by Shopping Local (Scroll to Read)

Did you know that a single carrot can travel almost 2,000 miles before it reaches your dinner plate? The transportation of non-local produce produces 1 billion metric tons of CO2 a year. That’s the equivalent of driving more than 2 Million miles per year!

Shopping local can greatly decrease the impact on the environment and also help the local economy.

Visiting a local farmer’s market is a great way to shop local. Produce bought from farmer’s markets are often fresher, more organic, and use less chemicals and packaging compared to traditional stores. It also helps decrease the amount of food waste by regulating the amount of produce available.

Shopping local decreases travel distance, decreasing the emissions produced by both the consumer and the business. One study showed that a 10% shift to local produce saves 310,000 gallons of fuel annually and would reduce carbon emissions by 7.3 million pounds.

Shopping local also increases jobs and helps the local economy. A study in Austin, TX found that, $100 spent at a local bookstore produced $45 worth of local economic activity and $100 at a chain store brought back only $13.

Grab your friends and family and see what sort of local goodies you can find in Palm Coast! Stay local and stay Rooted in Nature.

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