The 8th Amendment How has the interpretation of the 8th amendment changed over time?

How were people put to death since the 1800’s and why has it changed? They were put death by drowning at sea ,burial alive ,beating to death ,impalement ,to drink poison ,stoning, hanging ,beheading ,crucifixion ,electric-chair . It changed because some where too curl.

How has the amendment been challenged (court cases)? Furman v. Georgia, 1972

William Furman was sentenced to death after he was found guilty of murder while he was attempting to burglarize a house. Furman appealed before the court. According to Justice Potter Stewart, the death penalty was clearly handed out to Furman mainly because he was a black man. Thus, it violated the Eighth Amendment.

What are the forms of death penalty that are used in states? The death penalty that are used by states are lethal injection or electrocution or gas or firing squad or hanging.

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