The journey of Alexis and jace Made by:alexis Jason guerrero lopez illustrated by:ALEXIS JASON GUERRERO LOPEZ

Long long ago in dinosaur age lived two water droplets named Alexis and jace. The two water droplets never stop going on adventures. One evening they started to evaporate from a pond. "What is happening" said jace. "I don't know.?? Said Alexis "it seems like we are rising up to the sky"said jace "I think I see water droplets coming at us wait what is happening dude I can't see anything"said Alexis "me nether"said jace "I'm freaking out"said Alexis "wow dude i think we are falling"said jace "no where not"said Alexis "..........."said jace "wooow"said Alexis"JACE WHERE ARE YOU???said Alexis "I'M OVER HERE "said jace "I'M FREAKING OUT"said Alexis "IT WILL BE OKAY IT WONT HURT WHEN WE LAND TRUST ME"said jace
"Ok but Dude we are landing in 5 seconds blop ow said"Alexis "did that hurt" said Alexis"no I'm just being sarcastic"said Alexis "O ok"said jace "I hope you got my sarcasm"said Alexis "moving on dude where are we"said jace "I don't known but I like it here it's nice and cozy"said Alexis "that's true but..."said jace "then it's settled we stay here plus we have lots of room,lots of food,lots plants I think we would be just fine here don't you think"said Alexis "o k but If anything happens then we're gonna have problem"said jace" well good night brother"said Alexis "good Night" said jace "GOOD MORNING"said alexis"wake me up when it Friday"said jace
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dude what's happening"said Alexis "dude I think we are getting drink by a dinasour"said jace "yeah but what animal" said Alexis "I have no idea but one thing I know is that it haves sharp teeth so it's gotta be a carnivore but it has a long tounge and it's so stick ew"said Alexis "dude if I'm right I think it's a new tipe of dinasour"said jace "dude where are we dude CAN U HEAR ME!!!!Said Alexis "dude I'm right here"said jace "O sorry, do u know where we are"said Alexis "WAIT DONT TOUCH THAT YOU don't know what that is"said jace "to late"said Alexis "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"said Alexis Grrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"said Alexis and jace " DUDE WE ARE FALLING"said Alexis "I KNOW "
"Wow dude we're are we"said Alexis"I think we are in it's stomach " said jace"Wait so we are gonna have to stay here for a while"said Alexis "guess so"said jace later on that day the two water droplets stayed there looking for food.An hour or two has passed and the floor has started to rumble.A huge wave was coming and Alexis and jace got caught next thing you know they were free from the animals stomach but the started to melt in the ground they were freaking out they didn't know what to do at that point "AHH DUDE WE ARE MELTING"said Alexis "dude it will be all right because we are gonna sink into the groundwater"said jace "Ok I believe you"said Alexis
"Wow we are moving so faster than I expected wait do you see all that water rising" said jace "yeah"said Alexis "ok now follow my lead"jace so as The two water droplets headed throw the rising water they were likely find plant cells "wow dude were are we"said Alexis "we are in a plant cool right"said jace "woow"said Alexis "yes right on time look up do you see all those cell going, up well guess what's happening"said jace "I think we are EVAPOTRANSPIRATION "said Alexis" wrong wait never mind you are right, wow dude it's happening right now put your hand up and jump " said jace " wow dude this is crazy "said Alexis
"Don't you feel free Alexis "said jace "yeah"said Alexis "hey look I see the ocean common let's go home common what are you waiting for "said jace "will we ever do this again like this was a fun journey I wants that to happen again "said Alexis " look I can't promise you that because the water cicle is weird but one thing I know is that there is possibility that it can, so you have to believe so common let's go home " said jace "fine but we will have problems if we don't " said Alexis so as the two water droplets fly to the ocean they were able to start a new journey
The end

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