Project 17 A horror stoty

The book project 17 is about a couple of high school kids trying to film a horror movie in a asylum for a movie contest. Our main character here is a boy named Derik. He is a red haired boy that wants to win this movie contest for a chance at a better future because he failed school and doesn't want to end up running his dads restaurant for a living. He got 4 people to help him film the movie, tony, a jock, Greta, the jocks girlfriend, Chet, a class clown, Mimi, a scary girl that just wants to see scary things and for some reason has a thing for Chet, and finally Liza. Derik's crush. Little did they know, that evil spirits hunt the asylum.

The book goes at a good pace. It tells what you need to know and what is happening at a good enough speed. Not only that it, keeps you interested through out the book. The characters are also very intrested. The sense of horror in this book keeps you wanting to read what happens. I really like this book

- Luis/Luey E. Bello

" This abandoned mental hospiatl. The idea of it, of how messed up it seems, almost makes me feel like maybe I should be one of them-"

- Derik

Created By
Luis Bello

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