Public Art By: Beatrisa Gonzalez, Eduardo Arellano, and Ariel Gregor

Times Square

Times Square is a famous place in New York. Know for its iconic setting, it hosts the famous new year eve party that features the well-known ball drop. Times Square is very iconic that appears in many movies, and commercials. The famous New Year's Eve party can hold an estimated amount of 1 million people, and over a billion watch throughout the globe. Times Square is a very famous place known throughout the world.

Our Project

For our project we were inspired by Times Square, New York. We wanted to capture the enjoyment people felt spending their New Year's at Times Square. Our project is a wide wall, that is payed out almost like a mural. This wall would be placed in Times Square, for all people to see. The wall would have many figures painted on to it. The figures were made to look like the most famous people who performed on New Year's at Times Square.




For our public art peice it requires to main materials to create it. We have decided the wall would be made of a certain type of metal, titanium. The cost for the titanium alone is 35,012. The other material that is mainly required to create this peice is paint. The cost for the paint alone is around $90. For our total cost the budget is 35,132.

Final Sketch


In conclusion, this is our overall project that we have created including the material, budget, sketches and the inspiration of New York Times Square.


Created with images by mkfeeney - "Times Square, NYC"

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