Computers Impact on AmericanSociety BY: amBER DUNAGAN

Have you ever had to go to the library search the index files, then locate books or old journals to find information?
Today one just clicks a couple buttons on a computer and instantaneously the same, more up to date, information is immediately available.



Social Interaction

Education: Computers are the most common technology being used in schools.
  • Access to worldwide websites and learning programs
  • Students can now go beyond the library walls for information
  • Students can use databases and appropriate sites to find information.

This technology provides teachers a more productive way of entering grades and keeping attendance.

Jobs: The impact computers have had on jobs has been both negative and positive.
  • Has opened new jobs in many fields
  • Bank tellers, salesmen, waiters, and librarians now have computer literacy to be efficient in their jobs.
  • Increased the about of flexibility one has.
  • Allow business people to work internationally at the press of a button.
  • Taking away jobs from numerous people worldwide.
  • Wherever there is a job that can be replaced with an automatic computer technology, it is.
Social Interaction: In the past, staying in contact was only available by the way of verbal communication or letters. Even with the use of letters, these could take weeks or months to reach the receiver.
  • E-mail
  • Messaging
  • Videoconferencing/ face-timing
  • These programs on the computer allows people to be in contact at any time, instantaneously, no matter the distance.
The creation of the computer ranks as one of the most influential inventions of the twentieth century. What most people do not realize is that the world where everything was done manually is slowly fading.


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