The Good Life Play BY Scott Stingle

The Spatial Experience: Outside the auditorium I felt a bit nervous, but once I entered I was more relaxed and ready to watch the play. Once the lights dimmed I excitement entered my body and after the auditorium was completely quiet it felt suspenseful. The role of place in the Good Life is pretty large. It can alter your perspective and how long your journey is to achieve the Good Life.
The Social Experience: I went to the play with two of my roommates and another one of my friends. Attending the play with friends made it a lot more enjoyable. Shared experiences play a large role in the Good Life because they are how you gain close relationships with other people.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The main issue addressed in the play was doing things for others or for yourself and how it effects your Good Life. I can relate this to my life because when I was choosing what college to go to I wanted to go out of state, but my parents wanted me to stay in state. I ended up going in state and I am happy with this choose now, I don't know how my life would have been if I went out of state, but i'm glad I listened to my parents and believe I'm on the right path to my Good Life.
The Emotional Experience: The Divine provided us an opportunity for katharsis because it displayed topics that are difficult to discuss without starting arguments, but through art making easier to discuss. Two examples are of how poorly people in poverty where treated and how one of the characters was molested.

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