Victorian era Music luke ward 4th

The Victorian era had many forms of entertainment including sports and theater, but the most popular form was music. Victorian era music was a very popular form of entertainment because of its affordability to the middle class, but you were also looked down on by your family if your primary career was in music.
The most popular form of music in the Victorian era was performed at entertainment centers called music halls, thought earlier forms were seen in saloons. - saloons lost popularity with introduction of music halls. - music halls quickly became the place to seek musical entertainment.
So who attended the much praised entertainment centers? The middle class made up the majority of the people who attended the musical performances while the others include a few upper class people and the rest were workers and the chairmen. -the chairmen was the master of ceremonies. -middle class and affordability.
With the popularity of music on the rise, musicians were needed, but often when people would go to study music or even make a profession out of it their family would generally look down on them. -the music profession ran low on musicians for awhile -the piano.
With the introduction of music halls and the growing popularity of this form of entertainment, music is still a very popular today in the twenty first century. Now days you don’t have to go all the way to a music hall to receive this beloved entertainment, but instead with the creation of the iPod you can now listen to music anytime anywhere.


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