πŸŒ§πŸ’¦Water Cycle πŸŒ§πŸ’¦adventures I think I'm going to be sick

Hi, my name is Jeffrey but you can call me Jeff. Me and my friend are hearing about this awesome adventure and we discussed that we were missing out on all the action so we decided that it was time to get our heads out of the clouds. Get it, because we're always the drops πŸ’¦ in the clouds ☁️?

So at first,we had no idea πŸ’‘ how to get out of the clouds ☁️ until we started poking the clouds ☁️ buttons by annoying it so much he started getting angry 😑 and sad 😭 at the same time.In fact, after that he just ended raining β˜”οΈ them out of the sky as fast as he could make thunder.

"Have you lost your marbles?!," asked Danter,my brother,and everyone else.
Angry 😑 water drops πŸ’¦
"Hey, we didn't exactly get a warning ⚠️ that you were going to rain β˜”οΈ us down to the ground like that!,"yelled my great, great grandfather πŸ‘΄ Luis.
"It's okay with me as long as I'm out of that trap of the century!," says my grandmother πŸ‘΅ in agony.

I didn't know what she was upset 😭 about because we were only up there for 2 days (which was the first 2 steps of my water πŸ’¦ cycle story).

"You say dramatic I say hysterical 😭," replied my dad rolling his eyes.
"I'm not being dramatic nor hysterical 😭 I'm just glad we're out of there cause we were up there too long," she explained.
"That's why me and my friends were thinking that we should go on this incredible journey called the "Water πŸ’¦Cycle" which is basically what all the other water πŸ’¦drops are doing except our family,"I explained deeply.
"The water πŸ’¦ cycle still exists in these times,"asked grandma πŸ‘΅ with confusion πŸ€”.
"Of course it still exists,it didn't just exist in Ancient Egyptian times like you,"exclaimed my mother & father.

Then all of a sudden, they realized that they were right on the edge of the lake where all they're water πŸ’¦ drop friends hanged out(its also the third place in my water πŸ’¦ cycle story)

"Can we stay for just the day please mom can we?,"asked Jeff,his friends and his brother and sisters.
"It's okay with me iffy it is with your father,"she replied.
"Daaad?,"they asked hopefully.

But when they asked, they realized that he was no where to be seen.He wasn't even in the lake with all the water πŸ’¦ droplets.

" Hey does anyone know where Dad went?,"I asked
"He was right over there a minute ago,"exclaimed momπŸ‘© pointing to a space next to a area of pitch blackness.
"Well we'll look πŸ‘€ for him later right now we need to have as much fun here as we can possibly have,"exclaims grandma πŸ‘΅ in complete enthusiasm.

But right then,she realized she only talking to herself because everyone else was already in the lake.

"Hey grandma πŸ‘΅ what are you waiting for,the water πŸ’¦ isn't going to swim in itself," I yell to her.

We had some real good 😊 fun today day and we expected more to come the next day.

So the next day we were walking 🚢 down the road when we realized that we were missing mom πŸ‘© and grandma πŸ‘΅ and right then at that moment we got pulled into the deep dirt of the ground's crusty surface we went down and down until we hit the ground with a thud.

"Hey who in the world 🌎 did that?,"screamed Jeff's brother Jay .

Right at that moment, a extraordinarily evil water πŸ’¦ drop who was all dirty and gross stepped out of the darkness and scowled at him and his sister,brother, and friends.

Then I realized what kind of water πŸ’¦ drop he was.He was a hideous ground water πŸ’¦ droplet.And to my surprise there was two of them.

"Okay, bring out the rest of them so we can get what we brought them here for over with,"demanded one ☝️ of them.
"Oh yeah,what do you mean by that huh,you got something your hiding,come on guys we can beat them even if we're tied up,"exclaimed Jeff's annoying sister Gina as she constantly tried to break free to get the rest of them out of there.

They just look πŸ‘€ at her as if she were the most craziest person in the entire universe 😜 because,it looked completely true that weren't getting out of there any time soon without mom πŸ‘©,dad πŸ‘¨,or grandma πŸ‘΅.

But then the next day,we found a gem πŸ’Ž shard and I knew the rest of them were thinking πŸ’­ the same thing as me.So I picked it up and used it to pick at the ropes around me then,did the same to the others and once we were all free including dad,mom, and grandma(who were kidnapped at the lake)we all slid down the exit hole which led to the surface next to the lake's hotel.

"So why don't we just hang out here at the lake for two days and then start heading home 🏑 after that?,"asked Gina.

We all looked at her with amazement.That was unbelievably the most smartest thing she has said all day.And,the funniest πŸ˜‚ thing was that everyone agreed.

So right after two days, they were in the lake getting ready to leave when all of a sudden four huge paws came to the edge of the lake with a great THUD!

Then,we saw a wolf 🐺 as it lapped us up with it's gigantic tongue πŸ‘….

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!,"screamed every droplet as they went into the wolf's throat.
"Okay Jeff,now what do we do.You got us out of the other mess, how about this one?,"asked Gina.

I thought πŸ’­ for a while about this and then I realized the wolf 🐺 didn't swallow us yet.So, I thought πŸ’­ that we should just tickle his tongue πŸ‘… so he would just spit us out.

"Bleh!,exclaimed the wolf 🐺 as he spit them out just like that in the blink of an eye.

And out we came with a bound and decided that we'd just stay with wolf 🐺(without him knowing of course)and leave in the morning.

In the morning,the next day we felt like we were in the desert 🌡 because it was so hot.But then I realized just then that we were EVAPORATING! And as we all lifted we were wondering which cloud ☁️ we were going to go.Then we saw,that it was the same cloud ☁️ we had started at.

"How is that even possible?,asked Jack with a puzzled πŸ€” look πŸ‘€ on his face.
"Maybe it's true that sometimes when the earth 🌏 moves it causes some water πŸ’¦ cycles to go in an elapse,"assumed Gina.
"Well I don't care πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ whatever caused this at least we're back home 🏑 where we belong, and I would like to apologize to the cloud ☁️ for making it mad 😑,"says mom sincerely.

The cloud ☁️ excepted our apologies and formed some very comforting beds for all of us in return so they could rest from their tiring 😴 adventure.And that is why I have been sleeping 😌 here for over a year.

Created By
Tristan Willox


I recommend this to everyone who loves adventure and excitement

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