Spain demographic transition Álvaro, patricia and Jose joaquin

  • Spain's demographic transition graph
  • First stage (jose joaquin)
  • Second stage ( jose joaquin)
  • Third stage ( patricia)
  • Fourth stage (álvaro)
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
First Stage

This graph shows how there is a significant increase of birth rate because the loss of the war against the USA that was a conflict between Spain and the USA in 1898, hostilities started in the aftermath of the internal explosion of the USS Maine in Cuba in Havana Harbor situated in Cuba. All this finally lent to an economic depression and mass emigration to american countries unsued which lent to a decrease of the death rate.

Second stage

This graph shows an increase on the death rate because the flu pandemic which was an unsually deadly influenza pandemic that lent to 200 000 deaths in Spain. Because this illness people also started wanting to have less children so the birth rate decreased.

Third stage

The third stage is shown from 1935 to 1980. In this stage we have an increase on the growth rate just in 1940, this is because in 1939 abortion and contraception were banned, and also it increased because in 1941 we had the approval of benefits for large families of at least 4 children. So the growth rate kept growing until 1977, because in this year contraception and abortion became legal, so we have a decrease in birth rates. In death rate we can appreciate that there is an increase in the late 1930's, this was because of the civil war that started in 1936, but after this we see that the line continues descending the same way it did in the second phase. In this phase we have a big natural increase range because we have a lot more births than deaths, so the population kept growing.

Fourth stage

The impressive drop in birth rates was not only due to the legalization of abortion. Couples were being informed about how to avoid pregnancy, progressively. New techniques were being dicovered over time. Also, product to prevent pregnancy like condoms improved in quality. Each time decreasing the percentage of pregancy while being used. Apart from this aspect, there is also a very important fact that helped the decreasing birth rates. Normally a woman wouldn't take a career (studies) but over time, woman slowly stopped this kind of tradition where woman finished school and their only objective was to find a partner, have children, a good living. Woman normally worked as house wifes. However, in the last decades this has changed a lot. Woman has started to choose a career or contribute in a family with jobs progressively. So woman's main objective is not having a family or children anymore. All this causes a big drop in birth rates.

On the other hand we have death rates which have also dropped a lot especialy on Jose's and Patricia's decades. But from 1980 until today, many medical advances and new technologies that help a health improvement have been invented. This new technologies have helped either to detect cancer, prevent illnesses, cure illnesses an with all this get higher life expectancies.

As the birth rate is so low, having an aging population causes that the total population decreses. Right now in Spain there are more deaths than births (negative natural increase). This is something common in MEDC's like for example Germany.


In conclusion we can say that Spain has suffered various fluctuations in both death and birht rates, but we can see perfectly that one century ago both were very high and now both are very low, so there is very little natural increase, and now as there is an aging population the populatiom grows slower than before.

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