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NERDS have existed for many years in this school. this is my first year in the club and we did amazing! this year the competition was first steamworks, this is when you score points by putting gears on a conveyor belt, they get pulled up and put on pegs to turn rotors, or you can get points by shooting "fuel" balls into a boiler. The nerds went to two regionals this year and did fairly well in each of them.

this is the playing field for the robots we build. the two airships are on either side of the field, and that's where the gears go up. the boilers are in the top corners and that is where the balls are shot in. each team has there own boiler and airship that they need to score in.

this robot is the one the nerds worked on this year. we had 6 weeks to make the best robot we can for the game. we had a robot that only focused on collecting the gears, we didn't think the balls would be as helpful. the gears slid into a holder that could shoot the gear onto the peg. the programming team made the robot drive, and we controlled how the autonomous made would work. that is when the robot moves without a controller. mechanical built the robot and everyone gave their ideas for the design.

San Francisco Regional stats

Arizona West Regional stats

We all did very well this year and we all learned a lot. we had many troubles along the way, but in the end we did so well. Next year were all going to give it 1001%!!

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