Superman Spinal cord injury

Christopher Reeve was an American actor, film director, producer, screenwriter, author, and activist. He achieved stardom for his acting achievements, in particular. He is best known as Superman.

Reeve's who was 42 at the time, was thrown from his horse and landed on his head during an equestrian competition.

Reeve's was found unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors discovered he had suffered fractured to the top two vertebrae

Reeve's was attached to a respirator. The doctor said surgery was necessary to stabilize Reeve's neck and "to keep his head on his shoulders."

As perdicted, the injury left him paralyzed from the neck down. He was now a quadriplegic.

He had to get used to going from a life where he could ski and go sailing to a life where everything had to be done for him. He now lived his life from a power wheelchair

His daily schedule includes waking up at 8 am to take a handful of vitamins and then his nurse and a helper flex his legs and arms for at least an hour, he gets fed and washed. Then he is strapped into his wheelchair. His nurse then connects a pipe to his ventilator, and then he finally begins his day.

In 2000, Reeve gained the ability to move his index finger, and a specialized workout regimen made his legs and arms stronger. Repeated electrical stimulation of the muscles gave him sporadic sensation in other parts of his body.

Reeve remained to live a rather full life. He did not let his current state bring him down. He remained positive throughout the remained of his life.
He used his Hollywood fame to win attention and funding for scientific study of disabilities like his and to lobby for looser restrictions on stem-cell research.

He went on to found the Christopher and Dana Reeve foundation which is dedicated to advancing quality of life and discovering cures for spinal cord injury in the here and now.

Christopher Reeve passed away at the age of 52. leaving behind his wife, and three children

Christopher Reeve remained superman to others around his till his very last breath. His perseverance and dedication to helping others was amazing. He will always be remembered as America's superman.


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